Friday updates: Why we do it and how you can too

Breetel Graves / Published July 10, 2020

I'm a quiet person. My speaking voice is naturally soft, and it takes a concerted effort for me to speak louder. I'm also slow to warm up. I like to take time to get comfortable with folks I'm speaking with, but also to formulate my thoughts and opinions carefully—which means...

Pipedrive: App of the day

Hannah Herman / Published July 10, 2020

Estonia, a country in northern Europe, has one of the highest internet access and usage rates in the world. 88 percent of the country's population uses the internet, and internet access is legally considered a human right. It's no surprise, then, that one of the world's top customer relationship management...

4 ways to take Microsoft To Do from task manager to productivity powerhouse

Dane O'Leary / Published July 9, 2020

Microsoft To Do checks the most important boxes for a to-do list app. It has granular task management, scheduled tasks with reminders, the ability to break tasks into multiple lists and subtasks, and access to your tasks and the interface on mobile or at your computer.

It owes quite...

6 keys to building your network as an entrepreneur

Jenny Scribani / Published July 9, 2020

Building a business is a herculean task that stretches even the most skilled of multitaskers, and that means networking can often fall by the wayside. But establishing a strong network isn't an optional extra—it can be the key to your professional growth as an entrepreneur. For business connections, professional development,...

How a leadership development advisor went from corporate America to successful business owner

Deborah Tennen / Published July 9, 2020

L. Michelle Smith is a writer. But she's also a speaker, a podcast host and executive producer, a consultant, a brand partner, and an executive coach.

It's a lot to juggle, yes, but it's also what ended up saving her business. In her journey from corporate America to business owner,...

How a home entertainment business automated their entire sales cycle

Hannah Herman / Published July 9, 2020

Marshmallow Streaming is an Illinois-based home entertainment company that helps customers set up streaming-centric home entertainment systems.

The company does much of its work in customers' homes, but like many businesses, they had to quickly shift gears in the spring of 2020 as the state proactively restricted business operations. Co-founders...

Why big changes happen when you focus on small improvements

Matt Boyden / Published July 8, 2020

Here's a productivity tip: do more things in less time!

If you don't think that's useful advice, good. It isn't. "Do more" isn't a solution to productivity—it's a quick path to burnout. It's far more productive to focus on small improvements.

I help train Zapier's customer champions, the support team...

6 Google Sheets functions that do more than math

Justin Pot / Published July 8, 2020

Functions are what make spreadsheets powerful. Most Google Sheets users know you about the functions for basic calculations—SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, that sort of thing.

But Google Sheets functions can do so much more than math. You can use functions to translate text into other languages, pull in information from...

6 ways to automate Google Sheets

Krystina Martinez / Published July 8, 2020

Two things are guaranteed in the workplace: coffee, and a spreadsheet. Google Sheets is one of the most widely used spreadsheet apps, and if you haven't used it, you've likely used something similar as a part of your work.

Love spreadsheets or hate them, there are times when you need...

3 workflows to help you get the most out of your database

Nick Moore / Published July 8, 2020

Effective database tools can organize and centralize all kinds of information, letting you turn raw data into insights you can use. Relying on manual input and output, however, can turn your database into a bottleneck. Rather than being freed from volumes of data, you can end up feeling trapped by...