How automation helps a real estate company process more than 500 leads per month

Janine Anderson / Published October 23, 2020

Managing leads is an important part of running a successful real estate business. Tampa-based Eaton Realty receives leads from potential buyers, sellers, and renters from more than 10 different sources—like Zillow, Hotpads,, their website, and more.

Keeping all of those leads moving from submission to close takes work, and...

Collecting complex data? Here's how to automate it with Zapier

Krystina Martinez / Published October 23, 2020

Whenever you need to handle complex information, such as payment information or signatures, a data collection tool will get the job done better than traditional form builders.

Even so, sometimes you need to move the info you're collecting to other places, such as your billing app or appointment scheduler.


How a one-woman nonprofit scaled to deliver thousands of meals to people in need

Deborah Tennen / Published October 23, 2020

At the beginning of the pandemic, Rhiannon Menn was feeling helpless. She was looking for a way to support the families in her community while still following stay-at-home orders and keeping her family safe.

"My daughter and I started making and delivering meals to any mom who was struggling—economically, emotionally—by...

Job-stealing robots and other automation myths

Justin Pot / Published October 23, 2020

What is automation? There are a lot of conflicting ideas about it. Until recently, I thought that, at best, automation was too complex to be worth thinking about; at worst, it was robots coming for my job.

Turns out automation is neither of those things, but myths like that mean...

How to make Zoom the default meeting app in Google Calendar

Justin Pot / Published October 23, 2020

Google would really, really like you to start using Google Meet. They added giant Meet buttons in Gmail, and now they're making Meet the default video conferencing app in Google Calendar.

Does this mean you can't use Zoom in Google Calendar anymore? No—and you can even make it...

Boost your email marketing campaigns with video

Victor Blasco / Published October 22, 2020

It's easy, in a digital marketing campaign, to lack a personal connection with your audience. When done poorly, campaigns can even feel like they've been automatically generated by a sketchy algorithm.

Of course, some channels feel more personal than others, and email is a great spot to show your customers...

4 ways to automate your cold email outreach with Mailshake

Elena Alston / Published October 16, 2020

Nowadays, people are pretty hip to the cold email game.

If you launch an outreach campaign that's too generalized or shills too hard, you'll likely be ignored. And if you focus solely on personalization, then you're bound to make mistakes—and wind up bombarding your recipients with duplicate emails.

Fortunately, there's...

Why you should use Typeform for memos and tutorials

Justin Pot / Published October 14, 2020

For a recent virtual retreat, we hired—who are also Zapier customers—to run a trivia session. To get everyone on the same page, they sent us all instructions using Typeform, which I thought was kind of brilliant. You could read a page, hit enter, then read the next...

Small videos, big results: How to create YouTube content for your small business

Chris Moore / Published October 14, 2020

Anyone who's started a YouTube channel has probably daydreamed about one of their videos going viral. I know I did. It's a natural desire and one of the core values that YouTube is built around—looking for the one hit that would get us hundreds of thousands of views.

Well, I've...

Should you automate your relationships?

Justin Pot / Published October 14, 2020

We all, on some level, know that our friends and family didn't memorize our birthdays and anniversaries—they use a calendar to keep track of those dates. And there's nothing impersonal about that. But if a friend set up a bot that texted you on your birthday, and you found about...