What Is Your Time Really Worth?

Jessica Greene / June 18, 2019

It's rare for companies to pay freelance writers by the hour; instead, you're typically paid a per-piece or per-word rate. If you estimate poorly, you can end up earning a much lower hourly rate than you anticipated. So I spend a lot of time calculating what I earn...

7 Creative Ways to Visualize Your To-Do List

Jessica Greene / June 17, 2019

A long to-do list can be overwhelming. Sometimes, you might want to take a step back and look at the day, week, or month at a high-level, visualizing what's coming up rather than just plowing through a list of to-dos. But that's not always possible with a traditional...

How to Find the RSS Feed URL for Almost Any Site

Justin Pot / June 17, 2019

RSS isn't dead, but it is harder to find RSS feeds than it used to be. Browsers no longer point them out, and websites rarely prominently link to them anymore.

And yet, most sites do offer RSS feeds. Here are a few ways to find those feeds, quickly, when...

What Preschoolers Can Teach Us About Productivity

Colin Johnson / June 13, 2019

Play is famously known as "a child's work." Play is the best tool children have to learn about the world and connect with the people around them—it's the most productive way they can spend their time. And anyone who's seen a four-year-old commit to the role...

The 7 Best Texting Apps in 2019

Tim Brookes / June 13, 2019

Keeping in touch with friends and family has never been easier. If you have an internet connection, you can send a message to anyone, anywhere, free of charge.

With endless free texting apps for Android and iPhone, you need to determine your priorities to figure out which one to choose...

The 6 Best SMS Apps for Small Businesses in 2019

Harry Guinness / June 13, 2019

When's the last time you didn't read an email you received? Probably within the last 24 hours. How about a text message? Not as common. Gartner reports that, on average, emails are opened about 20% of the time, while SMS messages are opened up to 98% of the...

How DonorsChoose.org Uses Zapier to Streamline Meetings and Email Campaigns

Joey Blanco / June 12, 2019

"Zapier saves me at least two hours for every mass email we send."Danielle Curtis, Senior Donor Relationships Associate, DonorsChoose.org

When you're overseeing weekly and monthly team meetings and managing email outreach to hundreds of people, it's inevitable that something will slip through the cracks. You're...

The 5 Best Time Blocking Apps in 2019

Jessica Greene / June 11, 2019

Time blocking is a simple productivity method: Instead of completing your tasks whenever you find time to work on them, you schedule time on your calendar in advance to focus on specific tasks. The value of time blocking is that it helps you build your day around your priorities—and...

Zapier Apps at Work: The Fastest Growing Apps in 2019

Matthew Guay / June 10, 2019

Work changes. The skills that got you here may not get you to the next level of your career, and the next role you take may have not even existed a decade ago. That's why using new apps—especially those designed specifically for your industry—is so important. It...

The Science of Memory: Top 10 Proven Techniques to Remember More and Learn Faster

Melanie Pinola / June 6, 2019

I've always been envious of people with exceptional memories. You know, the kind of people who amass encyclopedic knowledge with seemingly little effort, while the rest of us struggle to remember the name of the person we were introduced to seconds ago.

There's hope for all of us...