Wrike, Zillow Tech Connect, Magi Metrics and 5 More Apps Added to Zapier in July

Danny Schreiber
Danny Schreiber / August 1, 2014

You can now use Excel plugin Magi Metrics, Wrike and Kanbanery with the other apps you use—those tools, along with Zillow Tech Connect, LeadSimple, SurveyMethods, E-Goi and Agile CRM, were added to Zapier this month.


Wrike helps teams to better collaborate and get the job done. The project management software gives users full visibility and control over their projects.

Zillow Tech Connect

Zillow Tech Connect, an extension of the leading real estate site's own contact management tool, makes it easy for real estate agents to import new leads into a CRM or email marketing system.

Magi Metrics

Magi Metrics is an Excel plugin that when hooked up with Zapier allows you to send new form submissions, CRM contacts, event registrants and more into your spreadsheet.

Agile CRM

Agile CRM is a customer relationship management tool packed with features beyond contact management, including marketing automation and social media monitoring.


E-Goi is a marketing automation tool that wraps up management of email, mobile, web, voice and social media campaigns into a single system.


SurveyMethods makes it easy for businesses to run an online survey or poll to collect and analyze data.


Kanbanery is a visual project management tool to help individuals and teams better stay on top of their tasks. The app lets users create cards with to-dos and move them through columns as work is completed.


LeadSimple is a lead management system built to help real estate agents improve contacts rates with internet leads and close more deals, faster.

New: Get App Descriptions Quickly

Quick App Descriptions

When browsing apps in our directory of over 325 connected services, it's now easy to get a quick description of an unfamiliar tool. Simply rollover the app and wait for the helper text to appear. You're also able to narrow in on app categories using the left sidebar.

Create Trello Cards with Multiple Attachments

Create Trello Cards with Multiple Attachments

The "Create Card" action for Trello, a flexible task management tool, now allows you to include multiple attachments on a new card. To do so, just comma separate the files in the "File Attachments" field.

Find a New Contact, Improved Invoice Trigger for FreeAgent

FreeAgent New Contact trigger

FreeAgent accounting software now comes with a "New Contact" trigger on Zapier, making it easy to tie the tool into your CRM of choice. The service's "New Invoice" trigger has also been improved.

Discover Typeform Zaps Right Inside the App

Zapier Inside Typeform

Typeform, a beautiful new take on traditional form software, now recommends Zaps right inside their app. To access, click on "Configure" when in the form editor.

Zapier Use By You

David Kadavy
David Kadavy uses Zapier to automate purchase confirmation emails for his newest video course.

When author David Kadavy launched a video course this month for his best-selling ebook "Design for Hackers", instead of a building a system that would scale, he threw together something that didn't take loads of time to set up. Among the tools he's using is Zapier, which automates the sending of confirmation email from Gmail when someone signs up for the course.

"I used Zapier to send confirmation emails to people who had bought certain products," Kadavy shares on his blog. "This is some slick automation, but the emails were sent through Gmail, which has a 500-messages-per-day limit. This wouldn’t scale if I had more than 500 customers in a day (at which point, I could afford to have a more elegant solution built)."

Here are 10 more uses of Zapier that caught our attention this month:

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Credits: David Kadavy photo from Kadavy on Twitter.

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