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How we work at Zapier

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Welcoming Chief Financial Officer Jenny Bloom

By Jenny Bloom · May 6, 2016
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A note from Wade Foster, Zapier CEO: I'm excited to welcome Jenny Bloom to Zapier today. I had the pleasure of getting to know Jenny a bit during her time as CFO at MailChimp. I reached out to Jenny earlier this year for some advice on an executive role we were filling. It turned out, Jenny had just left MailChimp and was interested in helping us out. Over the next few months we got to work on a number of projects together, and we've all loved getting to work with her. I'm excited to welcome Jenny's leadership, experience and kindness to the Zapier team.

Hey there! I’m Jenny Bloom, and I recently joined Zapier as their CFO. I’m handling all kinds of fun financial and operations stuff, including planning much of our biannual company retreats!

I’ve been an accountant for a lonnnng time! I spent a number of years in corporate type jobs spending the most time at Saab Cars USA division of GM. I then moved on to technology companies and internet startups back in the late nineties and worked for several but I doubt you ever heard of any of them. :)

After the bubble burst, I started my own CPA practice focused on out sourced CFO services for technology start-ups. One of first customers were some guys I worked with at one of the startups and they formed a company called The Rocket Science Group. This company focused on web design until they built this little app called MailChimp. My work with MailChimp increased over the next few years and I decided to come on full-time as their CFO in 2010. I helped build the company from three guys to almost 500 employees.

A few months ago, I realized that my heart was in startups so after over 12 years I left MailChimp. I was planning on taking some time off but then Wade contacted me for advice on an Ops position and the next thing I know, I was going to their January retreat!

Zapier integrates a ton of apps with MailChimp so I definitely had heard a lot of great things about the company but I had never used the service myself. Once I tried the app and saw all the things it could automate in my life and then meeting the whole team at the retreat, it was a no brainer that this was the place for me.

I live in Georgia and the beauty of being with a remote team is that you can work anywhere. I am splitting my time between the city life in Atlanta and the peaceful mountain life of Blue Ridge. When I not working, I’m cooking, going to festivals, hiking in the mountains with my dog, Charlie, mountain biking, paddle boarding or basically anything outside.

Join Jenny and work remotely on the Zapier team—we're hiring!

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Jenny Bloom

Jenny Bloom is Zapier's CFO.

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