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Bryan Helmig
Bryan Helmig / Published May 6, 2013

Zapier connects with a lot of services you rely on via APIs, almost ~200 at last count. Every month we're doing hundreds of millions of API requests on your behalf to those APIs, so it's important we can let you know when there is downtime.

That means we have to employ some pretty hardcore monitoring for each and every API.

Before today, that monitoring was only available internally at Zapier. Not anymore: all that data is now available on our API Status Board. And you can also follow @ZapierStatus on Twitter where we automatically tweeting API issues.

Visit the brand new API Status Board!

How does it work?

It's simple: we track the HTTP status codes for each request made in the course of normal business. 2xx is a signal that everything is green, 4xx is a signal that something didn't work (usually this is due to user configuration, but sudden, widespread elevations could signify newly shipped bugs) and 5xx is a signal that there is an outage proper.

With all that data on hand, it's simple to compare "successes" to each class of "failures" and look for abnormalities in that pattern. If there are any, they are recorded and displayed for all to see on the status board.

In the heat of the moment there isn't always a ton of data on hand, so e always go back and clarify why exactly there were issues with a short explanation of the causes and we'll even link the service providers outage report when it becomes available.

Because it requires a bit of historic information for an adequate sample (and there is no need to introduce false alarms), the dashboard runs on a delay of about ~5-10 minutes. Bigger, more widespread outages will be reported quicker than minor issues.

Zaps to Monitor APIs

Each service on the board comes with a handful of zaps that will alert you via your preferred medium, be that SMS, email, GTalk, Hipchat or Campfire, when that particular API is experiencing issues. This way you can get alerted about downtime even when you aren't checking the board.

The API to Monitor APIs

While the status board is a great visual aid, it comes with both a simple RSS feed as well as a JSON feed at

Is your API missing?

Since monitoring sits atop existing applications supported on Zapier, any global applications on our developer platform are included on the status board.

A big thanks to the developer community out there who made it clear that this would be helpful to the developer community at-large.

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