Welcoming Full-Stack Engineer Harrison Jackson to the Zapier Team

Harrison Jackson
Harrison Jackson / Published April 10, 2015

A note from Wade Foster, Zapier CEO: With many engineers, you can quickly tell the difference between those who find building things a job versus something they love. From my first chat with Harrison Jackson, it was obvious that he loved building things and wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty without any help. And if we weren't sold on having him join the team already, he quickly sealed the deal with his team interview presentation that taught us all how to survive an apocalyptic event. A skill set certainly every startup needs. :-)

Welcome to the team, Harrison!

Hey, everyone! My name is Harrison Jackson and I'm joining the Zapier family as a full-stack engineer. I'm super psyched to help scale the company's existing products and contribute to new innovation, hopefully bringing some awesome new tools and features to all of you!

Before Zapier

I've worked in the corporate world at IBM, academia as a professor at Southern Methodist University, and was engineer No. 2, employee No. 6 at rewardStyle, where I stayed until there were over 100 employees.

At rewardStyle, I built one of their flagship products Liketoknow.it, where I almost had Instagram bring down the "banhammer" on us for making nearly a million requests per minute to their API. This made for the perfect dev anecdote in my interview with Zapier's team.

Office/roommate Perrin the mastiff puppy

At Zapier

At Zapier, I am excited to return to my startup roots. Small, smart teams can execute on great stuff like no other organization. Not to mention that working remote gives us all the opportunity to hack on Zapier products in our optimal environments and at the time we can be most effective.

I followed Zapier since their journey through Y Combinator and I can't count the number of times I thought to myself, "It'd be awesome to build something like that." It's been said in other Zapier "Welcoming" posts, but this really is a dream job. I get to spend my time abusing APIs and building automation tools that I am excited to use for my own tinkering.

On a Personal Note

Celebrating St. Patty's Day in Dallas

I'm a born and raised Coloradan, and though Dallas (my current locale) is great, I can't wait to get back to mountain life. My girlfriend and I are planning the big move out to Colorado for sometime in the next year, which will make my mastiff puppy super happy—he, like his dad, loves the snow. Programming is my passion and I love to hack on stuff with my brother (current roommate) and spread the knowledge as an adjunct professor at SMU. Random: I love Korean BBQ and building stuff with my hands.

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