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Today Yammer announced a slew of new partners including Zapier. Lucky for them an integration with Zapier comes with instant integrations to 75+ other services.

Many users are already using Yammer and Zapier to create the ultimate company feed. These feeds revolve around sales, marketing, support, development and more, but the bottom line is companies and people like you are getting work done faster because Yammer keeps them informed and that happens because a variety of Yammer integrations.

Here's some of the magic that is already happening.

Tracking Support Requests

Zendesk Yammer Integration

Providing great support usually boils down to one thing: timeliness. If you can answer a customers query in less than 10 minutes odds are they'll be a raving fan. But it's not really feasible to be hitting refresh all day on the support queue.

Instead you can setup Zaps to send new Zendesk tickets, HelpScout conversations or Desk Cases into your Yammer activity or message feeds.

Seeing the Sales Funnel

Salesforce Yammer Integration

If you aren't directly involved with sales it can be easy to lose track of what might be coming down the pipeline. That's where pushing new Salesforce leads or new Highrise deals into your Yammer activity or message feed can be a big boost. Plus watching a stream of potential deals fly by all day can be a lot of fun.

Keeping Track of Yammer

Yammer Google Talk Integration

Sometimes Yammer isn't where you spend your day, but you would like to know what's happening in the Yammer social sphere. That's where sending new Yammer messages or activity to your HipChat room or private IM like Google Talk can be really helpful.

Getting Creative

There's a whole slew of other popular Yammer integration to explore. Check out any of the pre-made Zaps or create your own and tell us about your creations.

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