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I'm ecstatic today to announce an integration with the sentiment analysis API Semantria.

Semantria is a simple API that lets you send it text and in return get nice sentiment score and summary about the text. If you've done sentiment analysis in the past you know how hard it can be. Collecting the data to analyze is a nightmare. Actually analyzing the data can be a nightmare. Looking at results can be a nightmare.

The Semantria integration turns your nightmare to into a pleasant dream with visions of sugar-plums dancing in your head. :)

So what exactly can you do with the Semantria integration? Quite a lot it turns out.

Zapier lets you extend the data sources you can track with Semantria by letting you send text into Semantria from over a hundred different data sources. In turn Semantria does some quick scoring for sentiment, provides a nice summary and then lets you send the results to either an excel plug-in or to any of the services supported on Zapier (though I must admit sending Semantria results to Google Docs is my favorite so far).

To use this integration

  1. You’ll need an account with Semantria and Zapier as well as one of the web applications with which you want to integrate. Semantria has a pay as you go and contract pricing. Just signup for the trial and they'll let you know what suites you. Zapier has a free 14 day trial.
  2. Connect your Semantria account to Zapier with the API Key and Secret Semantria gives you in your welome email.
  3. Check out any of the integrations used with Zapier and Semantria.

The short youtube video walks you through connecting tracking twitter mentions for sentiment. Thanks to the Semantria team for creating such an easy API for sentiment analysis.

If you want to build an integration for your web or mobile service check out the Zapier developer platform.

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