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If you've lived in the tech world long enough odds are you've done some freelancing. And if you've done some freelancing odds are you've tried to get paid. And getting paid is hard.

That's where Ronin comes in. Ronin is the simplest way for freelancers to get paid. Track time. Send invoice. Get Paid. Easy as that.

Sometimes you'd like to do a bit more for administrative purposes and that’s where the Ronin integration with Zapier comes in. With Ronin and Zapier you can easily:

Zapier lets you extend the functionality of Ronin far beyond the capabilities already built into Ronin and really simplify the process around getting clients, following up with clients and getting paid.

To use this integration

  1. You’ll need an account on Ronin and Zapier as well as one on the web applications with which you want to integrate. Ronin has a 30 day trial on all plans as well as a limited fee plan. Zapier has both free and paid plans.
  2. Connect your Ronin account to Zapier using your Ronin API key.
  3. Check out any of the integrations used with Zapier and Ronin.

The short youtube video walks you through connecting Ronin with MailChimp. Thanks to Lu and the Ronin team for creating such an easy to use tool for invoicing.

P.S. A Bonus Straight from Lu

Lu, the founder of Ronin, has been kind enough to provide a coupon code exclusively for new Ronin users from Zapier. Go to this link and use the promo code ZAPIER4THEWIN to get a 50% off discount for your first month of Ronin use.

P.P.S. Want an integration on Zapier?

If you want to build an integration for your web or mobile service check out the Zapier developer platform.

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