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When building software at a startup speed is the name of the game. And with Pivotal Tracker building better software, faster is their motto.

Sometimes getting data into and out of Pivotal Tracker though can be sluggish. So here's some of our favorite Zaps for supercharging productivity with Pivotal Tracker.

Time Tracking with Toggl

Pivotal Tracker Toggl

The last thing you want is to spend extra time tracking time. With Pivotal Tracker Toggl integration you can sync your Pivotal Tracker stories automatically to Toggl and use Toggl to keep track of time as you build new features and squish bugs.

Creating Stories from Other Apps

Basecamp Pivotal Tracker

It's pretty common for the business team to operate outside of Pivotal Tracker. As a results lots of tasks and todo items get created in other apps for the development team to follow up on.

Zapier makes it really easy to automatically send Basecamp todo items, Trello cards, Asana tasks and more into Pivotal Tracker so development can stay right on track.

A Lightweight Bug Tracker

Wufoo Pivotal Tracker

If you don't have a heavy support load it can seem like overkill to setup something like Zendesk or Desk.com to do support. Instead try using a simple Wufoo form.

Wufoo is a great form building tool. You can easily create a short bug report form and then use Zapier to send those Wufoo form entries to Pivotal Tracker so that you can keep track of all your customer requests.

Stay on the Same Page

Pivotal Tracker HipChat

The last thing you need when building software is to spend hours going down the wrong track. For that reason, it's popular to sync new Pivotal Tracker events to HipChat or Campfire.

With these integrations you can create a company feed to Pivotal Tracker activity all inside a chat room so that you can quickly discuss issues as they come in.

Getting Creative

Of course there's lots of other tips and tricks to supercharging Pivotal Tracker. Check out the Zapbook to see what others are doing or share in the comments your favorite Pivotal Tracker integrations.

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