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Managing events can be a huge pain. Managing tickets, venue, sponsors, swag, and a never ending list of check boxes of things to do can overwhelm quickly.

Luckily event management tool, [Eventbrite][e] takes the pain out of selling tickets so that's one less thing to worry about.

Eventbrite really is an event managers savior, but if you could make it work with other services you could really boost the success of not only the event, but also follow up after the event. So here's some of our users favorite Zaps for supercharging their events with Eventbrite.

Tracking events with your other events

Eventbrite Google Calendar

Sometimes it's the simple things like making sure your Eventbrite events are right there with all your other events. And there's nothing more popular than keeping your daily schedule straight like Google Calendar.

So use the Eventbrite Google Calendar integration to make sure Eventbrite events are right there on your calendar where you won't forget them.

Following up with attendees via Email

Eventbrite AWeber

One of the easiest things you can do to recapture the attention of your event attendees is to follow up via email. So wouldn't it be great to add attendees to a mailing list where you can said news updates, product information, and event information?

With Eventbrite integrations for MailChimp, AWeber, and Campaign Monitor you can automatically sync new Eventbrite attendees to your mailing list.

Keep track of attendees

Eventbrite Highrse

Similar to email lists, it can be really handy to have an event attendees information stored in a CRM so your sales team or support team can remember to follow. That's where the Eventbrite Highrise or Capsule CRM take center stage.

Automatically have a complete contact list of your Eventbrite attendees with relevant contact information on hand for future use using the Zapier Eventbrite CRM integrations.

Instant alerts

Eventbrite HipChat

Often times you need to take immediate action for new potential attendees.

You can use Zapier to send instant alerts to HipChat, Google Talk, Pushover and whole slew of other apps so you can make sure to take action just as soon as you know about a new subscriber.

Getting Creative

Of course there's lots of other tips and tricks for getting the most out of Eventbrite. Check out the Zapbook to see what others are doing or share in the comments your favorite Eventbrite integrations.

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