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Continuing our theme for Dreamforce this week of featuring integrations from Salesforce companies, today we'll feature Desk.com which is one of the better help desk, ticketing and knowledge base tools out on the market.

Extending Desk.com to work with other applications isn't easy. And that's where Zapier comes in.

Here are some of Zapier users favorite Desk.com zaps. But these aren't the only Zaps you can make. Check out other Desk.com integrations here or create your own custom Desk.com zaps from here.

Adding Desk.com Customers to MailChimp

Desk MailChimp

Following up with customers on new feature requests, support issues and more can be challenging. The Desk to MailChimp zap lets you easily push new Desk.com customers to a specific list in MailChimp were you can specifically follow up with customers on support related issues.

Perfect for segmenting and emailing customers that really care about your product.

HipChat Alert for Desk.com Cases

HipChat Desk

Refreshing Desk.com all day isn't the most efficient way to find out about new Desk cases. The Desk.com HipChat zap lets you send new Desk cases to HipChat so you know instantly when to help a customer out. Additionally, all your team members can easily track what support issues are coming in, quickly chat about the issue, and decided who is best qualified to answer the case.

Create Desk.com Customer from Wufoo

Wufoo Desk

One of the most efficient ways to get feedback from customers is through forms and no one makes forms easier than Wufoo. The Wufoo Desk.com zap makes it really easy to take that form data and do something interesting with it like creating new cases. With Wufoo and Desk you have an easy to setup bug tracking service without all the complications of setting one up.

Add Desk Customer to Highrise

Desk Highrise

Knowing what issues customers are having is a big deal for sales and marketing teams. The last thing a sales guy wants on a call is to not know about the issue their client is having because they don't have access to support data.

The Desk Highrise zap solves this by letting users push new Desk customers and cases to Highrise so sales and marketing can easily track whats happening with support for their contacts.

Desking It Up

These are just a few of the zaps users are using to take Desk to the next level. Make sure to check out all the other Desk.com zaps users are using to get the most out of Desk. You can also come up with your own zaps from scratch too!

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