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We've now reviewed both Salesforce and Desk.com zaps and for the final day of Dreamforce were going to take a look at some of the best Chatter zaps being used.

Chatter if you aren't familiar is an enterprise social network that allows businesses to collaborate in real time from anywhere.

Here are some of Zapier users favorite Chatter zaps. But these aren't the only Zaps you can make. Check out other Chatter integrations here or create your own custom Chatter zaps here.

Tracking WordPress or RSS Feeds in Chatter

WordPress Chatter

Most professionals have a plethora of media outlets, blogs, and resources they follow to keep up on current events and trends. Sharing this information can sometimes be a bit tedious.

The WordPress Chatter zap lets users easily plug in an RSS feed and send new items in the feed into Chatter automatically where you and your co-workers can socialize around the article.

Message Chatter for New Box Files

Box Chatter

For a lot of companies, documents and files are how work gets done so knowing when new files are created and shared is a big deal.

The Box Chatter zap will post new updates to Chatter automatically for any new Box files. Chatterers can then easily collaborate around the new file.

Update Chatter from Evernote

Evernote Chatter

When you're out in the field taking notes on Evernote it would be handy to update your co-workers on details of a meeting with an opportunity.

The Evernote Chatter zaps make it a breeze to post an update in Chatter for specific new Evernote notes.

Automating the Salesforce ecosystem

So that's a wrap on our coverage of Salesforce apps for Dreamforce. Be sure to review some of the great zaps for Salesforce and Desk.com.

Keep an eye out for new Salesforce products on Zapier in the future. There's plenty more in the pipeline.

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