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10 Tips and Tricks for Zoom

Jill Duffy / November 15, 2018

The best video conferencing apps can do more than merely enable a virtual face-to-face meeting. They let you show what's on your screen to everyone else on the call, seamlessly pass control of the meeting to another person, and record the call as a video.

Web conferencing service Zoom...

How to Force a Public Wi-Fi Network Login Page to Open

Matthew Guay / November 13, 2018

You open your laptop in an airport, at a coffee shop, or perhaps in your hotel or conference room. You sit down to work, select the correct Wi-Fi network, and … nothing. Your Wi-Fi icon may show it's connected, but your browser says You are not connected to the internet...

4 Twitter Marketing Strategies for Your Business

Marijana Kostelac / November 12, 2018

Twitter is arguably the most interaction-driven social network for businesses. And a solid Twitter strategy drives revenue. According to the Customer Insights report from Twitter, as much as 93 percent of people who follow small- and medium-sized businesses on Twitter plan to purchase from those they follow, while 69 percent...

How to Compare Shipping Rates: 6 Apps to Find The Best Shipping Service

Matthew Guay / November 5, 2018

Shipping—as much as any software—is what makes eCommerce works. You can sell products from your hometown to customers around the world thanks to the postal service. Yet it’s hardly an enjoyable experience.

Shipping costs are formidable. Amazon spent over 12% of their revenue on shipping in 2017...

The Email Parser Guide: How to Automatically Copy Data From Your Emails

Matthew Guay / October 22, 2018

Ebay emailed—someone ordered something from your store. Your bank emailed with your monthly statement, your credit card is reminding you to pay your bill, and Apple's reminding you of that app you bought last night. And the contact form on your website is nice, but each message is...

How to Instantly Follow Up on Facebook Lead Ads With Custom Notifications

Matthew Guay / October 12, 2018

When someone walks into your store or sees your ad and calls your office, it’s easy to know they’re interested in buying what you sell. It's far more difficult online. People may skim your website and Facebook Page without taking any action. Then one day they finally...

How to Customize Your Shopify Store Emails, Theme, Domain, and More

Matthew Guay / October 10, 2018

Something makes an Apple store feel different from a Samsung store, Starbucks from a local coffee shop, Uniqlo from Gap. Walk into a McDonald's in any country, and while some things may look unfamiliar, in general, it still feels like a McDonald's. Even embassies often retain the feel...

How to Get Any App to Work with Zapier

Matthew Guay / September 26, 2018

Zapier’s the tool to get your apps to work together. You pick the apps you want, and when something happens in one app—say, when you receive a new message in your email app—it automatically does something in the other apps—perhaps it’ll send you a SMS...

The 10 Best Pomodoro Timer Apps to Boost Your Productivity

Sean Kennedy / September 24, 2018

When working or studying, you can only focus for so long before your mind starts to wander. Taking frequent breaks helps, but if you don't specifically schedule time for them, it's far too easy to sit and work for hours on end. The Pomodoro Technique helps you avoid...

How to Create Siri Shortcuts Beyond Your iPhone

Matthew Guay / September 18, 2018

Ever wished you could have Siri do your job for you? With iOS 12 and the new Shortcuts app, you can finally customize Siri. Set up a workflow, then tell Siri what to do, and it can send emails and save contacts and more for you automatically. It's the...