LinkedIn Profile Tips: 18 Research-Backed Ways to Stand Out Professionally

Jessica Greene / November 19, 2018

Improving your visibility on LinkedIn is important whether you're actively looking for a new job or passively considering new opportunities: Eighty-seven percent of recruiters use the site as part of their recruiting process. But even if you're not entertaining new roles, LinkedIn can help you build your personal...

10 Tips and Tricks for Zoom

Jill Duffy / November 15, 2018

The best video conferencing apps can do more than merely enable a virtual face-to-face meeting. They let you show what's on your screen to everyone else on the call, seamlessly pass control of the meeting to another person, and record the call as a video.

Web conferencing service Zoom...

Find Any Email Address for Free With These Tips and Tools

Jessica Greene / November 5, 2018

While you can find and message most anyone on social media, email is a more personal—and more professional—way to reach out.

Of course, finding email addresses isn't always easy. Most people are protective of their email address, and for good reason: it's one of the best...

Our Favorite Zaps: Save Time Managing Your Shopify Store

Jill Duffy / October 31, 2018

Successful retail businesses run on follow through. When you make a sale, you have to deliver the product or service, send an invoice or receipt, and follow up with the customer about their satisfaction. When online shoppers abandon their carts, you need to chase after them and cheerfully remind them...

Our Favorite Zaps: Turn Your Accounting App Into a Personal Assistant

Jill Duffy / September 27, 2018

Most business owners don't launch into their vocational pursuits thinking how much fun it will be to balance the books. Nor do they imagine long, grueling hours of data entry that keep the business running. Try not to picture Ebenezer Scrooge hunched over his ledger by candlelight as you...

Our Favorite Zaps: How to Spend Less Time on Twitter

Jill Duffy / August 31, 2018

Twitter can have a lot of value, but more and more it's an arduous event to spend quality time on the site due to the high volume of contentious conversations, public shaming, political fervor, inauthentic accounts, and so forth. What can you do when you want to continue using...

How to Use Asana for GTD®

Jill Duffy / August 30, 2018

If you follow the GTD® productivity method and are looking for an app to use with it that's also collaborative, Asana might be the right option for you. Asana and GTD go together best for people who collaborate regularly and are willing to pay for a subscription, as some...

8 Ways to Keep Spam and Promotional Emails from Filling Your Inbox

Jessica Greene / August 20, 2018

Most of us can't last more than six minutes without a quick glance at our email or IMs. And unfortunately, these constant interruptions have a serious, negative impact on both our productivity and mental acuity.

The simplest solution is to close your email app so you don't get...

The PowerPoint Online Guide: How to Make and Present Slideshows Anywhere

Matthew Guay / August 7, 2018

Over the past thirty years, PowerPoint has become synonymous with presentations. Give a speech, present a new product, share finances in a board meeting—all are typically done with a PowerPoint presentation. That’s easy enough if you’re presenting from your laptop and have Microsoft Office installed.

Or it...

Our Favorite Zaps: Manage Your Music and Podcasts Automatically

Jill Duffy / July 30, 2018

People who use Zapier usually want to make their working lives more productive. But sometimes, people leverage the service to automate aspects of their personal lives, too. It's this personal use case angle that got me thinking about how I could use Zapier to manage music and podcasts in...