Welcoming Bruno Bernardino to Zapier

Bruno Bernardino
Bruno Bernardino / Published February 10, 2016

A note from Wade Foster, Zapier CEO: On our platform team, we look for individuals who can work quickly, navigate unfamiliar documentation and work empathetically alongside our partners. After getting to know Bruno and learning of his endless positivity it was clear he was a great fit for the role. Welcome to the team, Bruno!

I'm Bruno Bernardino, and I just joined Zapier as a Platform Engineer! Wohoo!

I live in Portugal (born 'n' raised), currently in Matosinhos (up north) but I've lived in many cities. Kind of like an "internal nomad".

I'm passionate about learning different things, creating useful stuff, and sharing a lot of what I do and have learned. A couple of good places to see that are my profiles on GitHub and Medium.

Bruno and Patrícia

My top priority is spending time with my family (Patrícia, and my two cats: Tommy and Missy).

Bruno and Patrícia

For the past few years I've been working mostly in getting new products and ideas off the ground and growing existing ones, for top names in different industries. I'm used to doing a little bit of everything, but really excited to be focusing on the Developer Platform at Zapier.

How did I get here?

Before applying, I had used Zapier before, but honestly had never really given it much attention as a company to work for. That is until I came across their mission and code of conduct.

I instantly resonated with them and knew I would do whatever it took to work with such an amazing team and company.

The whole application process was one of the longest and most interesting I've ever been involved in. It was really astounding.

What I'm going to do

In the beginning, mostly focusing on app reliability (upping the quality even further) and improving the experience for Developers to build high quality apps for Zapier customers to use.

After that, who knows?! Something incredibly interesting, certainly :D

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