Luke Strauss

Luke is a writer and content marketer from sunny San Diego. Since receiving his degree in International Management from Pepperdine University, he's channeled his passion for digital marketing and creative writing to create engaging content for organizations across a wide variety of verticals. When he's not at his desk, you'll find him at a music festival, thrifting, or spending time with his friends and family.
Luke Strauss

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Business tips

A step-by-step guide to competitive market analysis

A competitive market analysis helps you better understand your organization and your competitors. Learn how to conduct your own.

By Luke Strauss

11 min read

Best apps

The best business intelligence (BI) software in 2023

Business intelligence (BI) software enables teams to expedite intelligent data analysis. Here are the best BI tools to choose from.

By Luke Strauss

13 min read

Marketing tips

What is lead management and how do you do it right?

Lead management is the process of collecting and managing leads with the goal of turning them into customers through targeted marketing content.

By Luke Strauss

9 min read

App tips Zoom

App tips

How to create and manage breakout rooms in Zoom

Need to learn how to create breakout rooms in Zoom quick? Here are some tips and tricks to set up your virtual meetings and make them run smoothly.

By Luke Strauss

6 min read

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