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Kristina Lauren is a digital marketing blogger and copywriter based in Indio, CA. In her free time, she likes to write fictional short stories and teach her hyper dogs how to be upstanding canine citizens. Learn more: innovativewrites.com

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Best apps

The 6 best voice recording apps for iPhone in 2023

Here are the best apps for audio recording on iPhone.

By Kristina Lauren

8 min read

Hero image with the logos of the best iPhone email apps

Best apps

The 9 best email apps for iPhone in 2023

Many a tech blog headline and bold entrepreneur have announced that [insert app name here] will kill email. But like a wicked witch trying to kill a fairy tale princess, these new apps all fall short: Email is here to stay.

By Kristina Lauren

13 min read

Hero image for app comparisons with the ActiveCampaign logo on a blue background and the Mailchimp logo on a yellow background

App comparisons

ActiveCampaign vs. Mailchimp: Which should you use? [2023]

Everyone who's stepped foot into the world of email marketing—and even folks who haven't—has heard of or used Mailchimp.

By Kristina Lauren

9 min read

A hero image with the logos of the best business card scanners

Best apps

The 5 best business card scanner apps in 2023

Gone from the modern desk are most paper documents, but business cards feel here to stay. And for good reason: They're still the quickest way to hand someone your contact info and keep a connection going after any meeting.

By Kristina Lauren

11 min read

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