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An inveterate note-taker and journalist, Jack Beaudoin has covered healthcare IT, the environment, pro cycling, global fisheries, grandparents, high school football rivalries, and ontology. He’s based in Maine, but you can find him on LinkedIn.

Jack Beaudoin

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Automation inspiration

From social media to your CRM: improve your lead management with automation

Inexpensive, powerful apps have made lead generation—once the exclusive domain of Fortune 500 enterprises—available to even the smallest business. But while acquiring vast quantities of leads has become simple, managing them is anything but.

By Jack Beaudoin

6 min read

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Productivity tips

Atomic notes: How to use Zettelkasten to boost your creativity and productivity

When I am stuck for one moment, I leave it and do something else.

By Jack Beaudoin

7 min read

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