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Emily Irish

Emily Irish is a writer on the Zapier team and hails from Raleigh, NC. When not writing about productivity, she writes fiction and reads everything she can get her hands on. Follow her on Twitter @irishthewriter.

Emily Irish

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best-free-slack-apps primary img

App tips

The 13 Free Slack Apps That Will Make Your Team Even More Productive

Slack is a natural hub for many businesses, thanks to its powerful chat tools—but chat alone isn't enough to get things done.

By Emily Irish

11 min read

learn-keyboard-shortcuts primary img

App tips

How to Quickly Learn Essential Keyboard Shortcuts in Any Program

Keyboard shortcuts are simple commands that keep your fingers on your keyboard instead of jumping back and forth to your mouse.

By Emily Irish

4 min read

full-page-screenshots-in-chrom primary img

App tutorials

Take Full-Page Screenshots with This Hidden Chrome Shortcut

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You need to take a screenshot of a web page, but you don’t just want one small part of the page, so a drag-and-snap screenshot is out.

By Emily Irish

3 min read

automation-for-college-student primary img

Automation inspiration

Ace College and Your Career with These 6 App Workflows

There’s no denying it—software and technology play a massive role in pretty much every industry. Yet even while software know-how is becoming a standard requirement for jobs, most colleges won't teach you even the basics of popular business software.

By Emily Irish

6 min read

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