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Amanda Pell

Senior Content Marketing Specialist at Siege Media

Amanda is a writer, editor, and content marketer from New York City. She holds a degree in American Studies from Fordham University and started her career in marketing on branded content campaigns for companies such as Nature Valley, Disney, and the NFL.

Outside of the office, Amanda spends her time on things she loves: books, the environment, social justice advocacy, stand-up comedy, ghost tours, and New York Giants football.

Amanda Pell

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A hero image for Shopify app tips with the Shopify logo on a green background

App tips

How to sell on Shopify: Setting up your first store

By Amanda Pell

7 min read

Hero image of a man at a coffee shop, holding a credit card while on the phone, with a computer in front of him

Marketing tips

Customer journey mapping 101 (with free templates)

Customer journey mapping is the process of planning out people's awareness of and relationship to your brand, starting with their very first impression—even if, as in my case, that impression is made a full decade before they can actually use your product.

By Amanda Pell

11 min read

Hero image with and icon of a check mark

Small business tips

Business startup checklist: launching a startup step by step

Here, we'll walk you through all the things you need to launch a startup. And you can download our business checklist to keep you on track as you take your first steps as a new business owner.

By Amanda Pell

8 min read

Productivity tips

Agile vs. Scrum vs. Kanban: What's the difference?

When managing complex projects, traditional project management approaches can be a hindrance. That's where agile methods come in.

By Amanda Pell

12 min read

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