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Aja Frost is a freelance contributor to Zapier.

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App tips

Visual Bookmarking: 15 Apps for Saving Screenshots, Photos, and Design Inspiration

The Internet is filled with visual inspiration. From stunning images and infographics to perfectly-executed videos and websites, it’s hard to spend time online without stumbling across something that captures your imagination.

By Aja Frost

17 min read

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Productivity tips

Design 101: How to Make Great Graphics Without Design Skills

Intimidated by design? You’re not alone. Writing and coding is difficult enough on its own; visual content can feel like new (and, honestly, overwhelming) territory.

By Aja Frost

21 min read

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App tips

Make a Plan: How to Outline Your Ideas with 20 Powerful Tools

It doesn't matter how many ideas you have if you can't connect them. To turn those scattered concepts into a finished product, you're going to need a coherent plan. That’s what outlines are good for.

By Aja Frost

18 min read

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App tips

Turn Data Into Visuals: 24 Apps that Generate Reports and Charts

Humans love patterns—in fact, our superior ability to process patterns is what sets us apart from other species. We still need help drawing conclusions from data, though.

By Aja Frost

12 min read

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