Feedly, OneNote and PushBullet Added to Zapier, Case Studies and API Course, too

Danny Schreiber
Danny Schreiber / Published May 2, 2014

There are now over 300 apps on the Zapier! In April, five new apps were added, along with a case study library and free API course. Not only do we want to give you Internet superpowers that make your apps work better together, we want to teach you how to do so, too.

Before telling you more about those two projects, let's take a look at the five apps launched on Zapier last month. Two of the new apps, Feedly and PushBullet, make sure you don't miss content important to you. Another, Microsoft OneNote, lets you save content from anywhere. And integrations with apps Rev and Rezdy relieve the work load of journalists and tour companies, respectively.


Feedly is one of the best ways to digest new content that matters to you. From your favorite blog, to section of a news site to the latest episodes on Hulu, feedly keeps you up to date.

Microsoft OneNote

OneNote is a simple way to save everything you need to know in one place. Now free and also found on iOS, this Microsoft app recently underwent a revamp and is quickly growing in popularity.


PushBullet makes sure your phone and computer are connected at the hip, just like they should be. With this app, you can sync all desktop notifications to your phone, and vice versa, including caller ID on your computer.


Rezdy is an app for the tour industry, making it easy for businesses to take online bookings for tours, activities, rentals, charters, shuttles and tickets.


Rev is a trusted transcription service for audio and video. At the touch of a button, their team of transcriptionists will take your recording and transcribe it to 98 percent accuracy.

New Google Calendar Action

Since adding the Google Calendar "Quick Add" action (e.g. "Meeting with John Tuesday 9PM") , customers have asked for a way to email the attendees of those events. Now you can by pairing this Quick Add action with a trigger app that provides an email address. Here's an example:

Automatically add a Google Calendar event from a New Gmail Email

The "Attendees" field above, which is the addition here, lets you provide email addresses for one or many attendees to invite. When doing so, they'll automatically be sent invitation emails.

See more of what you can do with Google Calendar on Zapier on the Google Calendar Zapbook page.

New Buffer Actions

Popular social media sharing tool Buffer received two upgrades on Zapier this month:

Add Updates to Top of Buffer

When you're using the "Add to Buffer" action on Zapier, you'll see a new option called "Top" which enables you to send an update next (instead of adding to the bottom which is what happens by default).

New Add to Buffer action on Zapier

Schedule Updates for Specific Time

There is a brand new action called "Add to Schedule". It's similar to the original "Add to Buffer" action, but with this you can specify a date and time for the update to be sent.

Add to Buffer Schedule Action on Zapier

To learn more about these new Buffer actions, visit the Zapier Updates Blog.

Beyond Apps

At Zapier our product gives you, as we like to say, Internet superpowers. With just a few clicks, you're able to get your web apps working better together, maximizing your efficiency. This month we took that mission a step further and began making Zapier a training ground for superpowers, too. First, in the form of a free API course—putting the secret behind app integrations in your hands—and then as case studies to teach you just how you can make the most of Zapier.

Case Studies

Ophelie Lechat, editor-in-chief of SitePoint, uses Zapier

What's the best way to use Zapier? That's the question we hear most, so we decided it best to ask our customers.

Popular author and startup advisor Nir Eyal uses Zapier to automate the importing of new subscriber email addresses to MailChimp. Kenton Olson, the Seattle Seahawks and Sounders FC's director of digital and emerging media, uses Zapier to send daily fan feedback reports to the organization's management team. Ophelie Lechat of tech education resource SitePoint uses Zapier to unify and manage content from a global editorial team, increasing site traffic from social media by 30 percent.

See more ways to use Zapier by visiting our new Case Studies page.

Customer Storytellers

El mes pasado se me olvidó pagar el alquiler, así que me he creado esta alerta con @zapier ara que no vuelva a asar ic.twitter.com/y8tehfj9C

— DΛVID ESQUIMΛL (@davidesquimal) April 30, 2014

We're not the only ones sharing how to best use Zapier. Our amazing customers are sharing the ways in which they make the most of the app, too. David Esquimal this week tweeted his use case: a Zap to remind him to pay his rent on time. (Bonus points to David for use of the seal cartoon!) If you want to use this automated reminder yourself, here's the Zap to set it up:

On her blog The Web Princess, Dee Teal offered a two-part tutorial on how to use Zapier to integrate Gravity Forms with apps like Zoho CRM and Asana (Part 1 & Part 2). On the small business community site SmallSquall, Michael ​​Laidakis shared how to use Zapier to create recurring cards in Trello. RelateIQ shared on its blog a quick video tutorial of how to hook up Zapier with its powerful relationship manager tool. Abigail Edge of Journalism.co.uk also created a short video tutorial to show how to set u Zapier to save Twitter mentions to a Google Docs spreadsheet.

Free API Course

an Introduction to APIs by Zapier

To put even more Internet superpowers in your hands, we also released the final chapter of our free API 101 course. Authored by Zapier engineer Brian Cooksey, this eight-chapter resource has earned praise from readers as an easy to understand guide to the basics of APIs.

"I like Zapier's interactive course because they speak to you in English rather than assuming you are R2-D2," Jon Barrow wrote on Facebook.

"Love this introduction to APIs," tweeted Jonathon Colman, a content strategist at Facebook. "All tech writing should be this friendly and accessible."

To dive into our API course yourself, visit our Learning Center.

Zapier Blog Most-Read

Zapier blog most read

On the Zapier blog, we continue to share stories and resources around process and productivity for small businesses and startups. Here are this month's five most-read posts:

If you ever have a topic you'd like to suggest for a post, please get in touch with me at danny@zapier.com.

Go back in time. Read our March recap post: "Todoist, Email Parser, Instapush and 4 More March Additions to Zapier.

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