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Maximize your productivity with multi-step Zaps

Once you start automating your work, it's easy to see the potential for new Zaps that can take other manual tasks off your plate. Zapier lets you create workflows that can perform many actions from a single trigger.

By Zapier Editorial Team

3 min read

how-to-build-chat-bot primary img

By Justin Pot

8 min read

automatically-track-personal-p primary img

Lacking motivation? Create a personal best challenge bot.

Like a lot of folks stuck inside right now, my partner and I have been playing a lot more Mario Kart than usual.

By Tyler Robertson

5 min read

make-slack-more-like-aim-msn primary img

Lockdown feels like high school. Let's pretend Slack is AIM.

The majority of my social interaction happens on Slack now. That's just the reality of working from home during a lockdown.

By Justin Pot

3 min read

automate-meeting-action-items primary img

By Hannah Herman

2 min read

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