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Articles that mention "Asana"

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The Zapier logo in a white square on an orange background

Automate these 5 painful tasks with Zapier workflow automation

Workflow automation connects business processes from different people and systems. By creating a series of automated actions for each process, businesses improve efficiency and save time by connecting systems, people, and content from different sources.

By David Bell

5 min read

A hero image with an icon of a megaphone inside a web browser

By Marcus Clarke

6 min read

A senior woman accepts a package from a delivery person who is holding a scanning or payment device.

By Ana Gotter

4 min read

The asana and Toggl logos

By Jessica Pereira

8 min read

Two men stand in front of signage at a conference. One of them holds a tablet. The sign behind them reads "Selling made simple."

By Krystina Martinez

2 min read

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