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Steal This Workflow: How a Digital Marketing Consultant Converts More and Automates Onboarding

Joey Blanco / February 15, 2018

When you run your own small or solo business, every decision you make that takes up your time and money is critical. What really needs your attention and what can you hand off? Do you need to spend the money and hire part-time or even full-time help? Adding employees is...

The 8 Best Proposal Apps to Win Projects and Land New Clients

Matthew Guay / February 15, 2018

Every new client needs slightly tweaked copies of documents you've sent before. You could make new ones every time, but that takes up so much time. Copy old documents, though, and you run the risk of forgetting to remove a former client's details or to include crucial terms...

How to Merge Multiple Gmail, Google Calendar, or Google Contacts Accounts

Jessica Greene / February 13, 2018

Let’s start with the bad news: there’s no fully automated way to merge two or more Google accounts into one. If you have a G Suite at school or at work that’s going to be deleted and want to move the data to a different account first...

How to Use a Customer Feedback Database to Turn Insights into Action

Eileen Ruberto / February 8, 2018

Just as you probably do, we love hearing from our customers. User needs are the compass that guides the features we create and helps inform how we decide to build them. But with a lot of valuable feedback coming in from so many sources—user research, support tickets, and more...

The 5 Best Online Poll Apps

Andrew Kunesh / February 6, 2018

Need to see if your followers are dog or cat people, if your users prefer Android to iOS, or if your event should serve coffee or tea? You need a poll.

Most often referenced in the news for public opinion about major events—or the actual results of an election...

5 Productivity Hacks and Tools for Creative Thinkers

Karla Lant / February 1, 2018

Creativity and productivity are too often seen as opposing forces battling for your time and the soul of your work. But working longer and harder isn't the only way to be productive, and thinking creatively can achieve amazing results. It's all in how you approach your work.


The Best Office Management Software, Hand-Picked by IT Pros

Ben Lang / January 30, 2018

It’s easy to get bogged down with office management tasks like searching for an empty conference room, entering details from a hand-written form into a computer, or teaching new employees how to use their desk phones. They're all necessary parts of managing an office, but they’re not...

The 11 Best Accounting and Bookkeeping Software for Freelancers

Jessica Greene / January 25, 2018

When you work full-time, there’s an HR team or payroll department that takes care of things like withholding taxes from your paycheck and submitting payments to the IRS. When you’re self-employed, that responsibility is entirely your own.

Neglect to track your business income and expenses—or fail to...

Inspect Element: How to Temporarily Edit Any Webpage

Auri Pope / January 25, 2018

There's a powerful tool hiding in your browser: Inspect Element.

Right-click on any webpage, click Inspect, and you'll see the innards of that site: its source code, the images and CSS that form its design, the fonts and icons it uses, the Javascript code that powers animations, and...

How to Use Slack's New Shared Channels: 6 Ways They'll Help You Send Even Fewer Emails

Aja Frost / January 23, 2018

Like many other people, I almost never email coworkers these days. My default is Slack. Slack conversations are quicker, more productive, and—let’s be honest—more fun than email. (Emoji all the things!) And when you keep everything in Slack, it's easy to find files, search previous discussions...