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How to Make Tasks Matter and Find Meaning in Your Work

Kathleen McAuliffe / August 17, 2017

“What’s the point?” “Why does this matter?”

When your alarm clock starts buzzing, and your inbox is already packed with pressing requests, what pulls you out of bed and into your 8x10 cubicle? Paying the bills is a powerful motivator, but ultimately, it comes down to personal meaning.


Success and Side Projects: How Your Hobbies and Unrelated Interests Help Your Career

Jory MacKay / August 15, 2017

Copywriter. Designer. Illustrator. Filmmaker. With how competitive the world has become, it’s no wonder why we're obsessed with titles.

Focusing on a speciality makes you more appealing to employers and shows clearly where your skills lie. It's easier to focus on doing one thing great. Yet a...

Talk Like a Human: 8 Phrases to Avoid Saying to Your Customers

Emily Triplett Lentz / August 10, 2017

Great customer support professionals know how to “read the room” and evaluate each customer within each specific situation to offer the right sort of response.

For example, even though we know that emoji and exclamation points perform well in customer emails, they’re best avoided when the customer writing in...

101 Smart Ways to Use Social Media Automation for Sales and Marketing

Matthew Guay / August 8, 2017

Social networking is perhaps the easiest way to waste your day away. You can scroll through Facebook and Twitter all day and still not read everything that’s posted. Try to be friendly and reply to everyone, and you’ll quickly decide that social networks are a Rube Goldberg machine...

How to Automatically Clean Up Spreadsheet Data with OpenRefine

Allana Mayer / August 8, 2017

Ever had to manually edit dusty, messy, years-old information from some obsolete software?

I once worked for a company that stored paperwork offsite for 60 years. Materials were indexed in a document table. Most records had a box number, storage date, storage vendor receipt number, and a rough idea of...

Take Full-Page Screenshots with This Hidden Chrome Shortcut

Emily Irish / August 3, 2017

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You need to take a screenshot of a web page, but you don’t just want one small part of the page, so a drag-and-snap screenshot is out. You don’t want just the info "above the fold" that's visible on your screen...

How Snap Kitchen Automates Customer Care

Joey Blanco / August 2, 2017

Eating healthy has its share of challenges: From the cost associated with natural, organic, and/or local products to the amount of time you might spend shopping for ingredients–and then chopping, dicing, mixing, baking, grilling, and eating the food. Your entire evening or weekend could easily revolve around the...

Stay Private: How to Hide Your Webcam, Mute Your Mic, and Turn Off Notifications

Matthew Guay / August 1, 2017

And… cut.

Movies feel continuous, like a snapshot of real life. But really they're the combination of hundreds of cuts and snippets edited together with the best possible take of each scene. Sure, movies have bloopers—and sometimes things will slip through the cracks. But with the time to...

Virtual Phone Systems: The 5 Best Apps to Move Your Business Phone to the Cloud

Andrew Kunesh / July 27, 2017

Phone calls are too difficult. Tied to landlines on a desk in your office, traditional phone systems don't fit the way we work today. After all, if you're not in the office—for a meeting or because you work remotely—how will you answer a desk phone?


How Automation Helps Olark Give Sales a Human Touch

Joey Blanco / July 26, 2017

In the age of automation and efficiency, some tasks are better suited for a robot, or more realistically, a computer. If it's repetitive, there's a good chance a tool exists to handle it for you. But some tasks and jobs require a human touch and approach. Especially when...