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Improve customer retention with these automation ideas

Get the workflows that make your customers feel valued and keep them coming back for more.

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By Ellie Huizenga

2 min read

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  • Hero image with an icon of an envelope (email)

    5 ways to automate your email

    The pain of email is universal, but each person approaches it differently. You might be the Inbox Zero type who must have a clean inbox at all times, and you spend a lot of time making it so.

    By Krystina Martinez

    4 min read

  • CompanyCam app logo on a blue background

    CompanyCam: App spotlight

    CompanyCam allows contractors to take unlimited photos, share them with team members, make notes, and keep everyone on track with their day-to-day tasks.

    By Elena Alston

    2 min read

  • A hero image with an icon of a Kanban board

    Kanban 101: How to use Kanban to manage your next project

    I use Kanban boards a lot in my daily life—and not just for work. The beauty of Kanban as a project management system is that it works in any context.

    By Katie Paterson

    12 min read

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  • Hero image with a picture of journals

    Morning pages: Why I write 3 uncensored pages every morning

    Morning pages are brain dumps: three pages straight, first thing in the morning. It's stream-of-consciousness writing.

    By Rochi Zalani

    5 min read

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