Zoom Updates

Zoom mention · February 1, 2019

Video Conferencing Software Showdown: Zoom vs. GoToMeeting

Meetings are the lifeblood of most organizations. And video conferencing software makes it easier than ever for people to meet, communicate, and collaborate with their prospects, customers, and teams. There's no need to constantly travel to win new business or always be on site to complete projects with coworkers. Just...read more
Zoom mention · January 28, 2019

The Best Screen Sharing Software in 2019

Screen sharing makes collaboration and support as visual and interactive as it would be in person. You can present a design, document, or website exactly as it displays on your screen—while it's happening—or virtually peer over the shoulder of a colleague to offer guidance. But it doesn't always feel like...read more
Zoom mention · November 15, 2018

10 Tips and Tricks for Zoom

The best video conferencing apps can do more than merely enable a virtual face-to-face meeting. They let you show what's on your screen to everyone else on the call, seamlessly pass control of the meeting to another person, and record the call as a video. Web conferencing service Zoom offers...read more
Zoom mention · November 14, 2018

A Digital Agency Saves 30 Hours a Week Automating with ManyChat and Zapier

"Our profit increased when we started using Zapier."Mary Kathryn Johnson, Founder & CEO, Messenger Funnels Once upon a time, analyzing and reporting on data meant big daily exports, importing said data into a new application, and a lot of manual manipulation. It could take hours every single day and...read more
Zoom mention · November 13, 2017

Organize an Online Conference Single-Handedly with Automation

When was the last time you organized a party? Even with friends, you need schedules to be synced; games acquired; and food cooked, bought, or brought. Music has to hit all the right notes (bad pun intended), too. That's a fair amount of stress and effort—and just for friends, too....read more
Zoom mention · October 31, 2017

InVision Saves 10 Hours Each Week with Automated Workflows

We've all heard "work smarter, not harder." Maybe you see it every day on a poster hanging in the break room or in an email signature. Cliche though it may be, small teams take this mantra to heart. With fewer resources at their disposal, they have to be more efficient...read more
Zoom update · March 13, 2017

Zoom Updates: Use Zaps to Create Meetings, Then Pass Their URLs to Other Apps

Don't miss a beat when setting up video meetings. Use Zaps that automatically create Zoom meetings then pass along the meeting URLs to your other apps. For example, create Zaps that automatically post Slack messages or update Google Calendar invites with Zoom URLs. That way, attendees can immediately join in...read more
Zoom mention · March 10, 2017

The 12 Best Video Conferencing Apps for Teams

In 1884, eight years after Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Watson had the world's first phone call, industrialist John Jacob Astor IV published his predictions for the 21st century. Along with ill-fated predictions of steel-covered roads and the discovery an anti-gravitational force, he also foresaw video calls. "Telephones have been...read more
Zoom update · September 9, 2015

Connect Meetings and Webinars to Other Apps with Zoom and Zapier

As the workforce becomes more spread out and our audiences become more global, having the right tools to host virtual meetings and webinars become increasingly important. No matter where we are in the world, being able to have a face to face meeting or sharing knowledge with an audience is...read more

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