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Zoho Subscriptions update · March 23, 2017

Updates for Zoho Subscriptions: Kick Off Zaps When Subscriptions Are Renewed

Now you can trigger Zaps whenever subscriptions are renewed in Zoho Subscriptions. Create Zaps that send thank you emails to customers or congratulatory notes to teammates whenever customers renew subscriptions. Or set up Zaps that add the renewal information to your CRM or accounting tools. What's New with Zoho Subscriptions...read more
Zoho Subscriptions update · February 13, 2017

Updates for Zoho Subscriptions: Kick off Your Zaps Instantly

Hit peak efficiency with Zapier's tuned-up Zoho Subscriptions integration. When there's activity in Zoho Subscriptions—such as a new payment or subscription, Zapier will now pick up on it instantly. Thanks to the new instant Triggers in Zapier's Zoho Subscriptions integration, you won't need to wait five to 15 minutes for...read more
Zoho Subscriptions update · June 29, 2015

Superpower Your Subscriptions with Zoho Subscriptions and Zapier

If you've built a subscription product and need a simple way to keep up with all of your subscribers, unsubscribes, revenue stats, and more, Zoho Subscriptions is a great subscriptions tool to choose. Zoho Subscriptions can monitor your subscribers from PayPal, Stripe, Authorize.net and other payment services, giving you an...read more

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