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Zoho Forms update · January 30, 2017

New App: Collect Data from Field Workers with Zoho Forms

Collect the data you need with a single tool. Whether you're collecting images, barcodes, or signatures, you can do it with Zoho Forms. With Zoho Forms, you can also collect data offline and across devices, so workers out in the field can send in data as it comes. Connect...read more
David Chang
Written by David Chang · Last updated December 30, 2016
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Forms are everywhere in our life. When you sign up for a new service, subscribe to a newsletter, fill a contact form, make an order, or reply to event invitations, forms are what gather your data and help companies provide services. There are lots of tools out there to help you make your forms, from free apps like Google Forms to subscription based options like JotForm and Wufoo.

Zoho Forms is another new contender in this online form category. It is a drag & drop online form builder with a wide range of features to help you create and share forms, gather critical information, and assign tasks to collaborate with your team members. It even includes sharing policies to help ensure your data is secure.

Designing your online form is simple with its form builder; just drag-and-drop fields to your form and customize their properties. There are 21 basic form fields, such as email, check box, payment, and file upload, along with 7 advanced fields, such as rating, formula, and signature, for you to use. You can start your form with a template or with a blank form, and customize the theme by either choosing from theme gallery or customize the current theme with your own combination of background, color, font, shadow, alignment, and field width.

Zoho Forms lets you set up specific rules for your forms. You can determine field rules to decide what questions are visible to the respondents and the order in which they respond to your form, or use form rules to configure what happens after a respondent submits your form. Also, you won’t need to worry about validating inputs from respondents because Zoho Forms will handle validation automatically. Another useful feature from Zoho Forms is that you can include a digital signature field in your form to help you enforce approvals and paper trail with your clients or coworkers.

Forms from Zoho Forms work anywhere—you can share them directly or embed them on your site, and respondents can fill them out from a mobile device or desktop computer. After your form is created, you can publish it using social media, embedded forms, email campaigns, or printable QR codes, and then analyze your form's analytics and reports such as page views, entries, error scores, and conversion rates.

If you’re already using other Zoho business software such as Zoho CRM, Zoho Forms makes the most sense for its integration with your existing workflow. You can easily use Zoho Forms to build online forms from within Zoho CRM or send Zoho Forms data to your Zoho Sheets spreadsheets, helping you save a lot of time and trouble routing your data. Or, with Zapier integrations, you can fit Zoho Forms into any form-powered workflow, sending your data to over 750 other apps.

Zoho Forms is a simple, practical, and affordable tool to coordinate your data gathering efforts, turning each entry into tasks for your team, gathering proof of task completion, and logging customer feedback instantly. And it's still great for those simple forms you need to sign people up for your newsletters and gather data for any new project.

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