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Zapier Manager update · August 14, 2019

New for Zapier Manager: Search for Specific Zaps

Zapier Manager is an easy way to bolster your Zap housekeeping. With Zapier Manager, you can track Zap errors, invite members to your Team, and more. We recently updated Zapier Manager to include a new search: Find Zap. Within a workflow, you can now include a step to search more
Zapier Manager update · October 5, 2018

New for Our Zapier Manager Integration: Watch for Halted Zaps

When your Zaps stop working, you need to get them fixed as quickly as possible so your critical workflows aren't interrupted. The Zapier Manager integration can now alert you whenever a Zap is halted. That way, you can jump in and reconnect apps, add missing data, and make sure more
Zapier Manager update · May 31, 2018

New: Use Zapier Manager to Automate Your Automations

Zapier saves you time by removing manual, repetitive tasks from your workday. And now, you can take things one level deeper by automating tasks related to Zaps and your Zapier account. Use the new Zapier Manager to automatically turn your Zaps on and off, invite colleagues to your team more

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