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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew Guay · Last updated September 9, 2016
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Adding an event to your personal calendar takes a couple clicks or taps at most. Scheduling that same event with one other person, though, likely requires a couple emails and changes to make sure everyone's on the same page. And scheduling that same event across timezones can be maddening at best.

Perhaps that's not such a big deal if you only book a couple meetings per month. But if your entire business is designed around meetings—perhaps in a law firm, repair center, beauty shop, and more—then you need a better way to book appointments. That's exactly what is designed for. lets you set your appointment schedule once and publish it on a customized website for your business. Your clients and customers then can see what times you're available, book their own appointment, and even pay for the service ahead of time. will then add the appointment to your iCloud Calendar or Google Calendar automatically so you can see the appointment on your phone or computer with no extra work.

First, though, you'll have to set up that booking page—which you can create for each of the appointment types your company needs. Start off by adding your profile, with a custom link for your appointment page, your company's logo and name, and a description of your services. You can add custom colors, fonts, CSS, and header or footer code if you want, or just choose from a selection of built-in themes—or you can embed the form in your existing website if you'd like. Then, you'll set your time zone along with start and end times, along with minimum and maximum time an appointment can be booked in advance. You can then set your times: the time your shop is open each day, how long each appointment should take, how long of a break you want between appointments, and even when you'll take a lunch break.

Need to charge for appointments? Just add the built-in Stripe integration, and will charge customers when they make an appointment. Or, you can add voucher codes perhaps to let new customers book a free consultation. And if you need extra info—perhaps details about what the client needs help with or the product they're bringing in to get fixed—you can add form fields to gather that info.

Then, you'll need notifications about your appointment. You can add your calendar app account to, and it'll add new appointments directly to your personal calendar. It can also send you and the client an email or SMS about the appointment, along with a followup message before the appointment so they don't forget, along with a final message after the appointment thanking them for their business. will take all that info you've added, and automatically create a schedule for your business that fits with your work times. You can share that appointment page, and customers can see which times are available—with those already claimed by others automatically removed. It'll even customize it for the customers' time zone, making sure they know the correct time while booking the appointment in your own set time zone. Once they've booked an appointment, it'll kick off all the correct notifications and will add the appointment to your calendar, so all you'll have to check is the default calendar app on your phone that you already rely on.

Appointments are enough work on their own, without having to worry about the booking process. lets you set everything about your appointment schedule up once—and then you can forget about it. It'll work in the background, accepting appointments while you go about the rest of your work. Resources:

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