When this happens...
YesInsightsNew Selected Response
Then do this...
TrainualAssign Subjects

Want to know who's interested in learning about your new Trainual subject? Now with the YesInsights-Trainual integration, you can assign Trainual users to a Subject when they select a certain YesInsights survey response. Simply create a YesInsights survey, and then Zapier will assign a subject to users who select a designated survey response.

*Note: Users must answer the YesInsights survey using the email they have registered with Trainual.

How this YesInsights-Trainual integration works

  1. YesInsights survey respondent selects a certain response.
  2. Zapier Assigns Trainual subjects to the user.

Apps involved

  • YesInsights
  • Trainual

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It's easy to connect YesInsights + Trainual and requires absolutely zero coding experience—the only limit is your own imagination.

When this happens...
then do this!
New Response

Triggers when any new response comes in.

Assign Roles

Assigns roles to a selected user.

New Comment

Triggers when any comment is added after the survey.

Invite New User

Invites a new user to your account.

New Selected Response

Triggers when a respondent selects a certain response.

Assign Subjects

Assigns subjects to a selected user.

Subject Completed

Triggers when a user completes a subject.

Unassign Roles

Unassigns roles from a user.

Topic Completed

Triggers when a user completes a topic.

Unassigns Subjects

Unassign subjects from a user.

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Trainual is a simple tool for building the how-to guide for your business.

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