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Wunderlist's top menu contains three options for when you need to modify and organize a list or task. The Share button allows you to add collaborators to a custom list. The Sort button allows you to sort your tasks alphabetically. Finally, the "More" button shows a drop down menu where you can duplicate, email, or print a list. Selecting a task and clicking on the More button enables you to email or print the task as well. All these come in handy as you continue to work on your tasks, create more lists, and improve your workflow.

Wunderlist's cross-platform design makes it extremely easy to bring your lists and todos anywhere and whenever you need them. The app is available on the web, on all major mobile devices, and on the PC or Mac. So when you need to double-check your list of ingredients, for example, you can simply pull up your phone, launch the Wunderlist app, and tick off what's already done.

Completing complex tasks isn't a linear process. You'll often need several steps or subtasks to get it done, and Wunderlist offers a set of tools to help you manage them all. Double-click on a task to open up a sidebar where you can add a reminder, a list of subtasks, comments and notes. You can also star the task for more prominence on your list, assign a due date to the task, or attach a file from either your computer or a Dropbox account. The Dropbox integration is especially handy as it ensures you always have a copy of your files within reach wherever you go—they'll be in your Dropbox folder, as well as in your tasks.

More often than not, we need others to help us get our work done. Wunderlist makes collaboration easy and straightforward by letting you share lists with others. Simply add your collaborator's name or email address and Wunderlist will either add them to your list automatically (if they're a registered user) or prompt them to sign up for an account to be able to access the list. You can add collaborators before creating a new list or clicking on the Share button found at the top menu of the app. Once all of the collaborators gain access to the list, you can create tasks, leave comments, attach files, and more. Wunderlist makes sure you're up to date on what's going on by notifying you through in-app notifications called Activities and Conversations. Activities are notifications for when a task is modified (e.g. Bob added a file) while Conversations are for tasks that you've commented on.

Let's talk pricing. Wunderlist runs on a freemium model where Pro users enjoy all of the core features without storage caps. In comparison, free users can, for example, upload files up to 5MB or assign up to 25 todos per shared list only. If you decide to go Pro, that's only $4.99 a month to unlock all of the features. Or, if you only need a nicely designed to-do list app, you might get by just fine with a free account.

Overall, Wunderlist is a great app for just about anyone looking to organize their todos and live a stress-free life. Start your next project with Wunderlist and increase your productivity—and make your projects just a bit more fun and colorful!

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Wunderlist Pricing

  • Free plan with caps on storage, file size, and assigns

    • $4.99/month for unlimited assigned tasks, file size, and subtasks

Wunderlist Features

  • Create, share, and organize tasks and lists.

    • Group related lists into folders.

    • Add comments, files, notes, and reminders to tasks.

    • Use conversations and notifications to collaborate on tasks

    • Share lists and edit tasks with others

    • Turn email into tasks by mailing them to Wunderlist

    • Use custom backgrounds to personalize Wunderlist

    • iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Web apps available

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