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Stephanie Gonzaga
Written by Stephanie GonzagaLast updated August 22, 2017

Coming home from tonight’s concert, you gush over how mind-blowing the experience was. Your friends nod with excitement as you describe the music, the lights, and the stunts pulled off on stage. You couldn’t help but mention how easy it was to purchase the tickets and find your seats amidst the huge crowd—something that's usually the worst part of events.

Successful events create meaningful experiences people will always remember. Every single detail—registration, purchasing tickets, communication, checking in at the venue—counts. If you can give your attendees a smooth and hassle-free experience before and after the event, they’ll be that much more likely to come back for the next show.

Weemss is event management software that embodies these principles. From event creation to seat planning, it does all the heavy-lifting so you can focus on creating amazing experiences for your attendees. You can use the platform to manage concerts, seminars, awards, and contests that everyone enjoys.

It all begins with event creation. Weemss prompts you to choose the type of event, offering event suggestions at the bottom to guide you. Each event type is unique, with different attendee information to eliminate potential back-and-forth. If you click on Reserved Seating, for example, Weemss lets you design a seat plan where your customers can select their preferred seats, in a layout that can look as much like your venue as possible with Weemss' built-in seating layout tool. If you’re launching an awards night, you can create entry categories and collect entries that meet the requirements. Once you’ve selected the event type, give your event a title, registration start and end date, default language, and currency. Weemss creates a unique event page URL for your event (e.g. https://event.gg/7100/) as soon as you hit Save.

Customizing the event is where the real fun begins. Under Event Settings, you can customize your registration forms, add ticket/entry categories, and edit confirmation messages. If you want to spice your forms up a little, clicking on Form Style lets you choose different colors and typefaces to match your brand. You can then grab and insert the integration or embed code into your website for easy access—no coding skills needed—or just share the link to let people book from your Weemss page.

Selling tickets directly from Weemss is easy too. It can collect payments via PayPal, bank transfers, credit and debit cards, and even Bitcoin via Stripe, Braintree, or other built-in payment processing services. Customers can pick their ticket type, choose their seat, and pay all from the same page.

Then it's time to launch your event. Weemss prepares you with everything you need to welcome attendees and encourage them to sign up. Under Marketing, you’ll find the option to create promo codes, special offers, and ”conversion triggers“—visual cues that persuade customers to participate, whether that’s finishing the registration process or purchasing a ticket. If a participant leaves the registration form, Weemss tracks this activity so you can export the data and take action to win these unfinished registrations back. And if you use third-party marketing tools to organize your events, you can integrate them with Weemss and automate the entire process.

When you’re ready, simply click on the Live button at the top right side of your event dashboard to go live. All that's left is to focus on your event, and you won't have to worry about ticketing again.

Managing events should be as easy as attending them—and attending them should be easier than it normally is. Weemss provides the tools you need to design and launch events hassle-free with modern ticketing options, so you can focus on creating experiences your attendees will rave about.

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Weemss Features

  • Create events with tickets, award ceremonies, and reserved seating in minutes

    • Customize event registration forms, confirmation emails, and ticket/event categories without any coding needed
    • Design your seating layout to let attendees choose their reserved seat
    • Collect payments via PayPal, bank transfer, debit and credit cards, and custom payment methods
    • Turn visitors into paying participants with site offers, promo codes, cross pricing, and conversion triggers
    • iOS and Android apps available

Weemss Pricing

  • 2.5% per ticket for event ticketing and registration

    • 2.9% per ticket for reserved seating events
    • 3.5% per entry for awards management
    • Custom Enterprise pricing for larger events

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Weemss® is an event management software that does the heavy-duty work, so you can focus on the actual event. It lets you manage any type of event, customize the registration process and integrate it on your own site, or use Weemss to create one. Accept payments, boost sales and track performance data - everything made fast and easy.