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Week Plan mention · April 5, 2019

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Focus on Your Important Week Plan Tasks by Organizing Them Into Roles

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Stephanie Gonzaga
Written by Stephanie GonzagaLast updated October 24, 2016

A productive week begins with preparation. With your weekly goals aligned and your to-dos organized, you know exactly what to focus on, what to accomplish, and what to discard or set aside for later. But with hundreds of tasks added to your to-do list each day, how do you decide which is most important?

Week Plan is a visual organizer that organizes your goals and tasks, so you end the week with less on your plate and more work done. Your tasks are organized according to roles and responsibilities, as well as importance and urgency. These enable you to focus on your high priority tasks and achieve your weekly goals successfully. As you explore the app and its features, you’ll realize that Week Plan is a fusion of popular productivity techniques and strategies to help you become more focused and productive.

Week Plan offers a suite of tools to help you plan out your day, week, and month. The Weekly Planner is the first thing you see when logging in, where you can create, organize, and schedule tasks throughout the week. The horizontal view may feel unfamiliar at first, so it helps to go through the short tutorial before diving into the app.

You’ll notice that Week Plan is divided into three parts: the current week, Roles and goals, and Parking lot. Following the concepts taught in Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Week Plan prompts you to create weekly goals based on the roles you’ve taken on in life: family, friends, work, etc. Once you’ve created these roles and goals, you can create and distribute your tasks throughout the week based on these responsibilities. Tasks that aren’t urgent but may be planned for in the future are added to the Parking lot.

Managing tasks involves knowing how much time it would take to complete them. You can estimate how many hours a task would take, and Week Plan schedules it on the planner. The app adopts the classic Pomodoro Technique for time tracking. The 25-minute sprints forces you to stay focused before the timer hits 0 without feeling burnt out.

While the app is branded as a week planner, Week Plan allows you to switch between a Day/Quadrant planner and a Monthly planner. The Monthly planner zooms out to give you an overview of your tasks and goals for a specific month. The Quadrant view zooms in to an Eisenhower matrix where you’d sort your goals based on the four quadrants of priority and urgency. With this information at hand, you now have more control over which tasks to focus on and which to set aside for later. Finally, both planners have the roles and goals, and parking lot sections so you’re always organized and on track.

Need to take a break from all this planning? Need a moment of self-reflection? The Journal is a safe haven for when you need to reflect on what has transpired. The Journal is divided into two types of entries: the typical journal entry and the cogitorama entry. Cogitorama a unique Week Planner tool where you simply jot down keywords that best describe your thoughts and reflections. It saves time while promoting self-awareness as you breeze through busy week after busy week. If you need more text space to flesh out your ideas, you can switch to the traditional journal entry. Week Plan supports Markdown, which allows you to format your entries without lifting your hands from the keyboard.

If you’re big on tracking progress, Week Plan offers easy yet detailed analytics so you know exactly what you’ve accomplished or lacked during a specific period. You can see how much progress you’ve made for the current week, in the past month, in three months, and in a year. Week Plan tracks goals completed, the number of tasks completed, the number of Parking lot items added, and how your tasks are distributed.

Week Plan’s strength lies in its sheer focus on prioritization and visual organization. With all of your tasks and goals planned and scheduled throughout your week, you can make better decisions and spend your time and energy wisely on the tasks and goals that matter the most.

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