WebMerge - Features, Pricing, Alternatives, and More

Shaun Takenouchi
Written by Shaun TakenouchiLast updated May 28, 2018

“Time is money” is a saying that's absolutely true in business. The less time spent on the mundane tasks, the more time to spend on the bottom line. And one of the worst mundane tasks is filling in template documents.

If you regularly create contracts, invoices, rental agreements, or any other documents, copying the data from a form or application and pasting it into a Word document is time consuming at best, error-fraught at worst. That’s why you need WebMerge. It’s an app that helps you collect customer data, automatically import it into a template document, then create a customized document or PDF to save or share with that contact.

WebMerge needs two items: a template document and the information to merge into it. You can upload an existing template Word document, PDF file, Excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint presentation, or HTML file for a document. Or, you can make your own template from scratch in WebMerge. When creating the template, you indicate which fields you would like to merge with {$_____} fields. For example, if you want to capture the date, you would have {$date} as one of your fields in the template, right at the spot where you want the date text in your document.

Once your document template has been created and uploaded to WebMerge, you then indicate what data you want to collect, and where you want to send the merged document. WebMerge turns your template document's fields into a form where you can customize what data you would like to add to the document.

You can also use rules to indicate which document the data entries should go into. For example, say you collect a name, address, and phone number for a customer, and you want to create both a contract and an invoice using this information. You can use the data routing feature to route this information to both documents automatically. Then, you can choose what to do with the the finished documents: save them in Google Drive or Dropbox, perhaps, or email them to a specific address. The document can also be sent to signature apps, as a quick way to create a contract from a template and have it sent to a client to get their signature.

Now that all of the set up for your merged document has been completed, you can gather your data into the document templates. WebMerge provides you with a few different ways to do this. Each template you create comes with its own unique URL that can be used as a form to fill in the information you need to create custom documents. You can also upload data you gather manually in a .csv spreadsheet file. Or, you can use Zapier integrations to pull in data from hundreds of apps online forms to build documents. For example, I use a Zapier integration that takes the information from a Jotform form and pulls it into a contract template in WebMerge, then emails the finished contract to the customer.

WebMerge is one of those apps that you may not realize how much of a time saver it can be until you actually use it. If you’re constantly filling out the same document templates by hand, you should give WebMerge a try. It’s can be a huge time saver—something that can help turn your time back into money.

Originally published November 23, 2015; updated May 28, 2018 with new pricing and features.

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WebMerge Features

  • Create templates for document merging
  • Import Office and PDF template files
  • Merge data into template and save as documents
  • Automatically export and send filled template documents
  • Use logic and dynamic content to make customized documents
  • Upload data to create merged documents manually

WebMerge Pricing

  • $29/month Micro plan for 30 documents/month
  • $59/month Starter plan for 100 documents/month
  • $199/month Professional plan for 500 documents/month
  • $399/month Business plan for 2,000 documents/month

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