Webhooks Updates

Webhooks mention · March 29, 2018

What Are Webhooks?

You might have seen webhooks mentioned in your apps' settings and wondered if they're something you should use. The answer, in a nutshell, is probably yes. Webhooks are one way that apps can send automated messages or information to other apps. It's how PayPal tells your accounting app when your...read more
Webhooks mention · March 29, 2018

Steal This Workflow: How to Save Hours Every Week with Webhooks

You’ve seen them hiding in your app’s settings, promising to send notifications, sync data, and connect to other software you use. Webhooks. They’re the mysterious extra in so many apps. But what are they, how do they work—and why do they have such long, confusing URLs? Zapier user Bill Miksich,...read more
Webhooks mention · January 8, 2018

How a Consulting Agency Reduced Time Spent Creating Leads by 25%

Navigating a messy API and its documentation is a lot like Indiana Jones' search for the golden idol: One wrong move and you'll be outrunning a boulder. Some APIs have robust, updated documentation. Other APIs were hastily thrown together and have been jerry-rigged since. For account-based marketing firm obo. Agency...read more
Webhooks mention · December 11, 2017

How a Startup with a Strict Budget Automates their Nurture Emails

In the world of startups, everyone works a lot. The founder puts in 70+ hours a week, the head of marketing is the marketing team, and everyone handles sales. When you work in that environment, you have to be fast, efficient, and unflappable. It's a right of passage. Or at...read more
Webhooks mention · October 31, 2017

Customer.io Automatically Standardizes Form Submissions for Reporting

When you work on a small team, odds are high that you have multiple responsibilities. Some of those tasks are probably shared, too, or jump department lines. Today might be a marketing project but tomorrow might have more of a sales or support slant to it. Maybe it's a project...read more
Webhooks mention · October 31, 2017

How Automation Decreased Lucidchart's QA Checks by 30%

Collaboration across teams ought to be business as usual. But if you've ever worked at a company that's undergone rapid growth, you know communication can break down almost as quickly as new employees are hired. Tasks get lost in the shuffle, teams lose track of projects, and productivity grinds down....read more
Webhooks update · April 10, 2013

SSL Certificate Workarounds

SSL certificates can sometimes be a bit pesky. We've implemented a workaround for common errors you might run into when using SSL on your own domain with services like Desk or our webhooks. You can read more about how all this works and the available workaround here.read more
Webhooks update · January 15, 2013


Hackers rejoice! You can now compile your very own XML requests or even raw string request bodies with Zapier. We follow the simple pipe syntax we've used for a while: Raw string|hello! number|1 Form string=hello!&number=1 JSON {"string": "hello!", "number": "1"} XML <string>hello!</string><number>1...read more

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What is Webhooks by Zapier?


Webhooks simply POST data (or JSON) to a specific URL every time we see something new. Webhooks can also accept data (or JSON) to kick off a workflow in Zapier.