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Wealthbox CRM mention · June 1, 2018

Financial Planners Save $200 Every Week with Zapier

How much is your time worth? Here's a thought experiment: If you offered out your services—maybe that's editing, support, sales, engineering—at an hourly rate, what would you charge? Now that you have a number, what are some of the tasks that take you the most amount of time? If you're...read more
Wealthbox CRM update · March 16, 2017

New App: Manage Your Financial Clients with Wealthbox CRM

Clunky CRMs can slow down your team and require tons of manual maintenance to manage your client relationships. Wealthbox, a web-and-mobile CRM application for financial professionals, can lighten that load. With a clean design, intuitive workflows, and social architecture, Wealthbox allows you to share CRM activity with your staff...read more

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