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Wachete update · August 12, 2016

New App: React to Website Changes with Wachete and Zapier

How many times a day do you refresh important web pages? Wachete brings those updates to you. The app lets you monitor entire pages (or only parts of them) for updates, notifying you when there's anything new. Whether you're tracking prices or your competition, hunting for job openings...read more
Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew Guay · Last updated May 26, 2017
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Start your day out by checking a half-dozen sites, perhaps peeking at them again periodically in between tasks? That's a recipe for perpetual distraction–and odds are, you'll still miss the biggest changes when they happen. Perhaps you'll notice a stock market change—but will you remember every time your competitor changes their pricing?

Wachete does the hard work for you. It watches your favorite sites for changes, notifies you when anything's different, and logs the changes so you can look back over them later. It'll do the hard work for you, keeping you focused while still being informed of changes.

You'll start out by adding those important sites to Wachete. Enter the site's URL, then select the elements on the page you'd like to watch—or have it watch the entire site. Wachete can even fetch the page from a specific country, so you'll see what viewers in that location see when they open the page. Watching a password protected area? You can add that info to Wachete so it can watch the site for you. Or, you can add the link to a PDF or text file, and Wachete can watch that file for changes, too.

You'll then tell Wachete what you're watching on the page—either text or numbers, with the formatting you want. If you're watching a full page, you can filter through the results, perhaps setting the threshold so if punctuation is changed you won't be notified, but if a full sentence is changed you would be. With numbers, you can have Wachete notify you when the value is going up or down—or if it's equal to a target number you want. And if you're not getting the results you want, Wachete can watch the page's source code for direct changes, for even more accurate results.

Then, set your notifications. By default, Wachete will email you with changes. It also offers an RSS feed of every change, to subscribe to in your news reader app and get updates along with the latest headlines. Or, with Wachete's Zapier integrations, you can get an SMS with notifications, share them in Slack, and more.

Or, you could just check Wachete every so often. Its dashboard will show you the most recent change to each site or file you're monitoring. Open the site's widget to see more details—a graph of number changes over time, or a comparison of text changes with a list of everything that's changed over time.

Wachete is the second set of eyes you need to keep tabs on the most important sites to your business. It'll watch for changes—and remember what's changed so you can compare the old site's text or numbers with the new.

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