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Wachete update · August 12, 2016

New App: React to Website Changes with Wachete and Zapier

How many times a day do you refresh important web pages? Wachete brings those updates to you. The app lets you monitor entire pages (or only parts of them) for updates, notifying you when there's anything new. Whether you're tracking prices or your competition, hunting for job openings or watching...read more

You use lots of apps to get stuff done. Zapier creates more time in your day by helping you automate those apps, so they work for you in the background.

Use our free platform to build a single Zapier integration and instantly connect your app with 1,500+ others.

Become a Zapier Integration Partner

Select web page or part of web page and we will collect text from it for you. Based on rules you define we will send you notification when text of web changes, or contains some particular word.

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