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Getting started is easy. Just make a new account, and Vtiger will guide you to import contacts, connect to Twitter, add company info, and setup your currency, time zone, and other locale info when you first login. Then, you'll see a pop-over with videos to help you get started using it quickly, or you can dive right into your account and try out your new account with the default test data.

Vtiger is divided into a number of apps along the top. Your dashboard will show widgets that are focused on CRM features, with your sales funnel, lead status and source, and opportunities features by default. Just tap the Add Widget button to add info about anything else you want, including your support tickets, tasks and projects, and even a notepad where you can jot down quick thoughts for your team. Then, along the top, you'll see a search box that can look through everything your team's stored in Vtiger, along with links to each of the apps in your Vtiger account.

The features you use the most will depend on what you're using Vtiger for most. There's sections for your contacts, organizations, leads, and opportunities, each of which show their data in a spreadsheet-like interface that gives you names, emails and more at quick glance. You can then click into an entry and see the full detail—leads, for instance, can show the full contact info, all activities and documents you have related to them, their recent Tweets, their location on a Google map, and your team's comments about them. You can edit the fields, make a form to easily enter new items, and more.

The support tools work much the same—you'll see a list of your open tickets, and will see more details about the conversation and contact when you click into the ticket. You can even add notes, documents and tasks about the ticket, just like you could on a CRM entry. There's also a mail manager, where you can let Vtiger check your Gmail, Yahoo!, Fastmail or other IMAP account and automatically turn emails into tasks, tickets, opportunities and more. Or, with an Ultimate plan, you can use it to send marketing emails to your contacts automatically.

With such a broad range of features under one roof, Vtiger offers one extra trick to tie it all together: Workflows. You can setup automated workflows that will perform tasks whenever certain things happen. You can have it send invoices automatically when leads get turned into deals, or add a task for a colleague when a support ticket is tagged with a subject they're an expert on. There's even filters, to make sure the automations work the way you want.

If you're looking for a CRM and support tool, and want something that'll help your team do everything in one app, Vtiger is an appealing offering. It includes everything you'll need to take care of your customers, from the time they're just an interested lead until they're a faithful user of your product.

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Vtiger CRM Pricing

  • $10/month per user Starter Sales or Support account

  • $20/month per user Professional Sales account for sales forecasting, invoicing, payment processing and more

  • $25/month per user Ultimate plan for sales and support features, plus project and inventory management, email campaigns, and more.

  • Volume discounts, migration, email marketing, and kickstart programs available

Vtiger CRM Features

  • Detailed contact management that lets you easily browse associated records

  • Combined email inbox and support case management

  • Self-service portal for customers to see recent interactions, deals, documents and more

  • Project management to keep track of team work

  • Automation to send followup emails, creating appointments, updating contacts and more

  • iOS and Android apps available

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