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Jill Duffy
Written by Jill DuffyLast updated May 1, 2018

Whether you're creating and sharing videos to promote a business or making videos as your business, Vimeo is probably on your radar. It's is one of the top video hosting services, both a destination for viewers who want to watch videos and a backend for content creators to upload and host videos, put the final touches on them, track their popularity, and otherwise manage their online video presence.

In many ways, Vimeo competes with YouTube, although the two services differ dramatically in what they offer and the type of community they attract. YouTube gets significantly more traffic than Vimeo, but that means content creators on the platform have significantly more competition for that traffic. Additionally, YouTube has a reputation for tolerating quite the range of comments and content, to put it mildly, whereas Vimeo maintains tight community guidelines that center on respect.

Viewers can watch a wide range of content on Vimeo, often for free, although they have to pay for anything that content creators decide to list as paid content. Conversely, content creators who upload videos to the site can either let people watch for free or choose to charge, provided they have a PRO, Business, or Premium account. Either way, advertisements never appear in the videos, so people see your work exactly as you upload it.

While Vimeo offers a free Basic account that lets anyone upload videos, you need a paid account to see the number of views and other baseline statistics. For example, if you want to know how far into your video people watch, you need a PRO account. Other statistics include plays, impressions, play rate, and plays by referring URL so you can see how viewers arrived on your videos.

Another set of features that are reserved for the upper echelons of paid membership are collaboration tools. With collaboration enabled, you can upload a video, share it with your collaborators, ask for their input, and make changes before making the video live. Vimeo even offers some light video editing tools so that you don't have to go back to a heftier app to make simple changes and re-upload the video. PRO accounts allow for collaboration among up to three people, whereas Business and Premium accounts allow for up to ten.

Vimeo allows for live-streaming, too, meaning you can broadcast video in real time to anyone who visits your Vimeo page or any social media page where you integrate the service. You can live stream as long as you have a live-enabled encoder (see the help page on how to live stream with Vimeo for more details). Live streaming, which supports up to 1080p video, is restricted to Premium accounts only.

Without a doubt, Vimeo is one of the best places to host your videos on the internet. It's an excellent tool for anyone who needs to not only host videos online but also track viewership, embed the videos on social media sites, collaborate with a team on videos, and manage an ad-free video presence.

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Vimeo Features

  • Upload, host, share, and watch ad-free videos
  • Live stream
  • Track video play statistics, likes, and comments
  • View or purchase for view video content from creators
  • Sell video content
  • Collaborate with other video makers

Vimeo Pricing

  • Free Basic account for 500MB uploads/week, with an annual maximum of 5GB
  • $12/month or $84/year Plus with 5GB uploads/week and up to 250GB/year; limited privacy options and statistics
  • $34/month or $240/year PRO with 20GB/week of storage and up to 1TB/year; includes everything in Plus plus other tools and features; supports collaboration for 3 people
  • $600/year Business plan with no weekly storage limit and 5TB total; includes everything in PRO plus Google Analytics integration, VIP support, and more; supports collaboration for 10 people
  • $900/year Premium plan with live streaming support and 7TB total storage; includes everything in Business plus real-time support and permission levels for collaborators

    $84/year, $240/year when paying annually for Plus and PRO accounts, respectively

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Vimeo is a great tool for storing and distributing video content. It comes with powerful privacy and group features.

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