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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated September 14, 2015

Build a great product, market it well, and customers will come. They'll hopefully love what you've made—but they'll also find problems you hadn't noticed and ask for features you may never have thought to add. Add those, and you'll get more customers—who will bring their own problems and requests.

It's a virtuous cycle, but can also be a vicious one if you're not careful. With customer support and project development so far removed in most teams, it can be hard to coordinate everything. Or you could use UserVoice, a tool that lets you handle project management and customer support together in one app. It started out as a tool for customers to add feature requests for app developers, and now includes enough tools to let your team manage your community, support, and projects in one place.

Starting with your product, UserVoice can help you be prepared for your new customers before you launch. You can build a knowledge base with documentation about how to use your product, answers to questions you think users will have, and more. It'll include a forum where people can ask questions and upvote feature requests, along with an email form to send your team a private message. And if you have a mobile app, there's a UserVoice SDK so you can build your support center directly into your apps.

You'll then be ready to take on ideas and issues from day 1, with UserVoice's customer support dashboard. In a 3-column interface like many email apps, you can browse through open tickets, view a current message, and see a sidebar of info about the customer to better support them. It can pull in data from CRMs like Salesforce and phone tools like Talkdesk, along with previous questions they may have asked. UserVoice will recommend answers that might fit the problem automatically, helping you answer support tickets faster. And, it'll rate your team's performance, so you can make sure you're answering tickets fast enough and improving your customer satisfaction.

Email's not the only thing to watch—there will also be discussions coming in your user forum, where customers can add and upvote ideas they want you to implement. UserVoice's project management helps you turn that feedback into an actionable to-do list, one that helps you know what to work on first. Based on upvotes and support ticket frequency, it'll help you build your product roadmap on solid data—not just ideas of what you'd like to add. You can even prove the potential return on investment of working on extensive new features when they're highly requested by users.

Once you start building, UserVoice integrates with Developer tools like Visual Studio. It can push development tasks to your team, then update users in UserVoice automatically when new features are added. And, you can stay in touch with both beta testers and your own team through UserVoice's built-in communication features.

Businesses have lots of moving parts, and it's easy to let your communications and priorities get scattered—making you overlook what's really important. UserVoice tries to make sure you'll keep focused on the things that'll help your customers, whether you're answering their questions or building the next great features.

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UserVoice Features

  • Project Management and Customer Support all in one tool
  • Email app-styled support center, with CRM, social and VoIP data about each customer in a sidebar
  • Advanced stats to track customer satisfaction, timeliness, and average wait time
  • Turn customer feedback into documentation or tasks
  • Use support metrics to prioritize project management
  • Built-in chat to collaborate with your team
  • iOS and Android SDK to add support inside your app

UserVoice Pricing

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UserVoice is any easy way to listen and get feedback from your customers. UserVoice lets you create a forum for users to voice feedback, vote on new features, and lets you updates users on development.

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