Improved RSS on Zapier

Danny Schreiber
Danny Schreiber / June 26, 2014

We've rebuilt our RSS trigger from the ground up to give you more control when subscribing to a feed of any kind with Zapier.

On Step 4, you'll now see this:

new RSS trigger

Here's what these new options mean:

  • Different Guid/URL - Zap triggers only when it sees a new item in the feed
  • Different Content - Zap triggers either upon seeing new content in the feed or a change of even just one word in past content
  • Anything is Different - Zap triggers on either of the instances above

Unless you're dealing with a non-standard RSS feed, in which case the second or third trigger option would come in handy, we recommend you use "Different Guid/URL."

For ideas on how to use RSS on Zapier, read our new guide: "10 Things You Had No Idea RSS Could Do".