Send New Snappy Customer Support Tickets to Over 280 Apps

Jesse Parker
Jesse Parker / February 25, 2014

28 Apps in 28 Days: Every day this month, we’re launching a new connected service on Zapier.

New support help desk Snappy is now one of 280-plus connected apps on Zapier, meaning there are new ways to track tickets, communicate with your team, and provide a better customer experience.

From saving tickets, to creating notifications, adding team wall posts and even creating tickets from a web form, the possibilities of Snappy on Zapier are endless. Here are a few examples of some of the neat things you can do with the new Snappy integration. For more, check out the Snappy Zapbook page.

How to use this integration:

  1. Sign in to your Zapier account
  2. Create a new Zap and choose “Snappy” as either the trigger or action (or both!)
  3. Authenticate your Snappy account by entering in your Snappy API key, found in the “Security” section of your Snappy account settings
  4. Check out a few of the pre-made Snappy Zaps or
  5. Start creating your own