Get Signals for Notifications You Can’t Miss

Danny Schreiber
Danny Schreiber / February 13, 2014

Signals Marketing

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When you need to know if your email gets opened, Signals has you covered. This simple but super handy app from HubSpot goes way beyond email notifications today as its now hooked into Zapier, meaning you can must-see desktop notifications for over 280 apps.

Want to get a notification when a new lead is entered into your CRM? Whether it be in Base CRM, Nimble, Sugar CRM or one of the many other CRMs, this integration makes that possible. Desktop notifications via Signals could also be set up for new LinkedIn connections, new mentions on Twitter or new subscribers in MailChimp. If you need to see a notification for an app, Signals and Zapier make sure it happens.

Here are few of the possibilities with this integration. For more, see the Signals Zapbook page.

How to use this integration

  1. Sign in to your Signals account—make sure you have a Zapier account, too
  2. Connect your Signals account to Zapier
  3. Check out a few of the pre-made Signals Zaps or
  4. Start creating your own