Connect Your Facebook Profile (and Page) to Hundreds of Apps on Zapier

Danny Schreiber
Danny Schreiber / February 2, 2014


28 Apps in 28 Days: Every day this month, we’re launching a new connected service on Zapier.

Facebook connectivity on Zapier isn’t just for your Page, anymore, your personal profile can be part of the mix, as well. We’re excited to share that Facebook profiles are now one of 260-plus connected apps on Zapier, meaning it’s now easier than ever to share or save your Facebook photos and updates almost anywhere.

When you upload a new photo or video, for example, automatically save it to Dropbox. Or if somebody tags you in a photo or video, do the same with that media file, as well. You can also set up a custom email notification to send to your family each time you tag an update #family. And it's a cinch to cross post on Twitter and LinkedIn from Facebook, or vice versa.

For more of what’s possible, here’s a short list of Facebook integrations via Zapier. For even more, see the Facebook Zapbook page.

How to use this integration

  1. Sign in to Facebook—make sure you have a Zapier account
  2. Connect your Facebook account to Zapier
  3. Check out a few of the pre-made Facebook Zaps or
  4. Start creating your own