txtNation Integrations

  • Get SMS alerts via txtNation for new emails in your Gmail inbox

    It's not always possible to be glued to your inbox. This Zapier integration can help make sure you see your new incoming emails. After you set it up, you'll receive SMS alerts via txtNation whenever new emails land in your Gmail inbox.

    How this Gmail-txtNation integration works

    1. A new email is received in Gmail
    2. Zapier sends an SMS alerts via txtNation

    Apps involved

    • Gmail
    • txtNation
  • Get SMS reminders via txtNation for upcoming Google Calendar events

    Ensure you never miss an appointment or meeting with this Zapier automation. The integration will send you an SMS message with full details of your calendar event 30 minutes before it begins, ensuring you're always up to date with your schedule whilst giving you enough time to prepare for your upcoming meeting. The SMS will include the event name, time, location and description.

    How this Google Calendar-txtNation integration works

    1. Google Calendar reaches 30 minutes before an event
    2. Zapier sends the event information to you via txtNation SMS.

    Apps involved

    • Google Calendar
    • txtNation
  • Receive new PayPal sale alerts via txtNation SMS

    Be sure you're up-to-date with sales and transactions through your eCommerce site so you can keep track of sales and ensure your customers' purchases are in order. This Zapier automation sends you product and customer details via SMS each time a new purchase is made via PayPal.

    How this PayPal-txtNation integration works

    1. Receive a new sale via PayPal
    2. Zapier triggers an SMS to be sent via txtNation

    Apps involved

    • PayPal
    • txtNation
  • Get new JotForm entries via txtNation SMS

    Do you need up-to-date access to details of submissions within JotForm? This Zapier automation does the trick. After you set it up, you will get an SMS message with full details of each form submission, allowing you to track submission numbers, content and contact users on the go.

    How this JotForm-txtNation integration works

    1. User fills out and submits a form in JotForm
    2. Zapier sends the important contact details to you via txtNation SMS

    Apps involved

    • JotForm
    • txtNation
  • Get Zendesk notifications via txtNation SMS

    Do you have certain high-priority clients or customers? Do their queries need to be dealt with as soon as possible, inside or outside of business hours? Or do you need to know of all off-hours enquiries? This integration makes all of this possible. Simply create a Zendesk view with filters of your choice and the Zap will ensure notifications of all new and updated tickets are sent to you via txtNation SMS.

    How this Zendesk-txtNation integration works.

    1. New or existing ticket is updated in Zendesk.
    2. Zapier sends notification of this to you via txtNation SMS.

    Apps involved

    • Zendesk
    • txtNation
  • Get notifications of new Salesforce leads via txtNation SMS

    When new Salesforce leads are received, it's good to contact them as soon as possible to provide the best customer experience. This Zapier automation works with txtNation to provide important information regarding new leads to you via SMS. That way, instead of continuously watching the CRM you can focus what's important—your clients.

    How this Salesforce-txtNation integration works

    1. A new lead is generated in Salesforce
    2. Zapier sends an SMS with this information via txtNation

    Apps involved

    • Salesforce
    • txtNation
  • Receive an SMS when a WooCommerce order is completed

    A new sale should be celebrated, but constantly checking your sales stats isn't a great way to spend your time. Instead, stay completely up-to-date with your WooCommerce store with this Zapier integration. The automation will send notification of any new orders your store receives, giving you details of the order itself and even linking you directly to it.

    How this WooCommerce-txtNation integration works

    1. A new order is placed in WooCommerce
    2. Zapier sends an SMS notification of this order via txtNation

    Apps involved

    • WooCommerce
    • txtNation
  • Send Magento order information to yourself via txtNation SMS

    This Zapier automation allows you to stay one step ahead of your workload by sending order information directly to your phone. Receive SMS updates with customer and order information, giving you the ability to deal with orders as soon as they're received, wherever you are.

    How this Magento-txtNation integration works

    1. A new order is created in Magento
    2. Zapier sends order information to you via txtNation SMS.

    Apps involved

    • Magento
    • txtNation

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txtNation Integration Details

Launched on Zapier February 17, 2017

Zapier combines Triggers (like "New Subscriber") and Actions (like "Send SMS") to complete an action in one app when a trigger occurs in another app. These combos—called "Zaps"—complete your tasks automatically.

The following txtNation Triggers, Searches, and Actions are supported by Zapier:

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TxtNation is a bulk SMS messaging service which lets you send messages anywhere in the world.