Create Zoho Reports rows from Trello cards

You may have data somewhere out there in the world and wish you could get it into a different app. In the past, that meant copy and pasting the information from one app to another, but now Zapier is here to help. Create any Trello card, and see that information magically appear in Zoho Reports without you needing to worry about a thing.

How It Works

  1. You create a new card in Trello
  2. Zapier creates a new row in Zoho Reports

What You Need

  • Zoho Reports account
  • Trello account
Create Zoho Reports rows from Trello cards
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Trello is a team collaboration tool that lets you organize anything and everything to keep your projects on task.

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Powerful online reporting and business intelligence service, with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that enables in-depth analysis and easy reporting.

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