Add new Zoho Connect tasks to Trello as cards

From everyday tasks to complex tasks, make sure your team always knows what they need to work on next. This integration automatically creates Trello cards when new tasks are added in Zoho Connect, keeping everyone's eyes on the finish line.​

How this integration works:​

  1. A new task is added in Zoho Connect.​
  2. Zapier creates a card in Trello.​

What you need:

  • Zoho Connect account​
  • Trello account​
Add new Zoho Connect tasks to Trello as cards
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From ideas to execution, Zoho Connect is your organization's private social network that redefines the way your employees and teams share information and collaborate with each other.

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Trello is a team collaboration tool that lets you organize anything and everything to keep your projects on task.

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