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One of the simplest ways to keep track of your time.

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Toggl Features

  • Simple, one-click time tracking
  • Designed to work for a team, with multiple projects, tags, and more
  • View reports of your time and turn them into professional emails or PDFs
  • Track time from other apps via integrations
  • Works on Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, and in popular browsers

Toggl Pricing

  • Free Basic account for tracking time for up to 5 users
  • $10/month per user Starter account for unlimited team size, billable rates, time estimates, and advanced reporting
  • $20/month per user Premium account for Starter features plus insights and one special Toggl feature of your choice
  • $59/month per user Enterprise account for unlimited special features, team reminders, scheduled reports, timesheets, audits, and priority support

Plans cost $9/18/49 per user per month, respectively, if paid annually.

Last updated December 15, 2017. Please visit the official site for the most up-to-date information.

Toggl Review

Despite your best intentions, you're going to forget to start your timer sometimes. Even if you're working on the clock, spending every minute focused on a client project that's billed by the hour, you'll get caught up in what you're doing and forget to start the timer or log the time spent when you're done. And don't even try to think about organizing all of your team's timeslips at the end of a project—you'll waste even more time being stressed out about that.

Toggl aims to fix that by making time tracking as simple as possible. Launch its web app, and Toggl will ask you what you're working on—you can immediately type in your current task and press enter or click the Start button, and it'll start timing your work. You can tab through the project and tag links to add more info about your current tasks, or you can leave that blank and fill it in later. Either way, it takes just a second or two to start and stop your timer.

You can even time your work elsewhere. Install Toggl for your Mac, Windows, or Linux PC—or your iOS or Android Phone—and you'll be able to time your work without keeping Toggl's site open. Or, you can install its Chrome extension and track time right from inside dozens of other apps, including Trello, GitHub, and more, to log the time you spend on your team tasks.

And if you ever forget to start your timer, Toggl's still got your back. You can add past time records, import time logs from a spreadsheet, and edit older entries if you ever realize you turned off a timer too late or early. Whether you're using its native apps or its web app, Toggl is impressively fast to use—tap through its menu options on the web, and everything will load instantly. That's just another way it helps you save time.

Once everyone on your team has tracked their work time, you'll need to put that data to work—then you'll find that Toggl has already done the hard parts for you. You can organize your timesheets by project, sub-project, and billable/non-billable entries, complete with color-coding to make everything easy to recognize at a glance. Then, Toggl's dashboards will show you graphs of where your time went, how much your billable hours are worth, and who was most productive this week. It can even export your timesheets into graphical PDF reports, and share them via email, so you can show your clients exactly who was working on their projects this week and how much time went into them.

The most important part of a time tracking app is that it helps you see where your team's time goes, without taking up any more of your time. Toggl does that, with an app that's easier to use than an email app. Put it to use in your team, and you'll never have to wonder if you're billing the correct number of hours again.

Our Verdict: 4.0 out of 5 stars.


Reviewed by Matthew Guay, Zapier. Last updated July 24, 2015.

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