Complete Todoist tasks for completed Yocale bookings

It's likely that you've completed several bookings during your workday day. However, it can be difficult to keep track of all the bookings and set their corresponding tasks to complete once you're finished. Use this integration to automatically mark your Todoist tasks as complete whenever you've completed bookings in Yocale.

Note: Your Todoist tasks must use the Yocale Booking ID as the task id in order for this integration to work.

How this Yocale-Todoist integration works

  1. A booking is completed on Yocale
  2. Zapier looks up the corresponding task in Todoist
  3. Zapier automatically marks the task as complete in Todoist

Apps involved

  • Yocale
  • Todoist
Complete Todoist tasks for completed Yocale bookings
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Yocale helps you to have full control over your schedule, bookings and online presence to meet your requirements.

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Managing millions of tasks, Todoist is one of the best online task management app and todo list. It has Web, iPhone, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Outlook flavors (and more!).

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